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Etymology study and origin of words has always intrigued me. Foreign words like schadenfreude (pleasure in misfortune befalling others). Words like stoicism, sadomasochism and envy were other inter-related emotions. There is no direct synonym for this word in English language. Gloating and epicaricacy were the closest vis- vis schadenfreude.

In this article I wanted to carve a deduction relative to the moral retrogression, hatred, and anger so pre-dominant in our societal strata. Schadenfreude is a passive and hidden emotion which is seen generally in people who are victims of neglect, depression and suffering. In our society this trend has propelled to new heights. A feeling of hatred and callousness to the point of stoicism (No feeling) has reached dangerous levels.

Intolerance and bigotry has given vent to lynching a mob rule. The public are devoid of emotion in witnessing a mob lynching innocent persons in the garb of religion. Public derive immense pleasure in recording such ghastly and dastardly acts for sake of money. This gives the impression that we are reverting back to age of barbarism where punishments like drawing, hanging and quartering were witnessed gleefully.
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