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Salman Aslam is a retired defence services officer with plethora of experience, dexterity encompassing multi-faceted spheres. Salman had a 6 year stint as Head Security of Pakistan’s largest bank (HBL). He was the pioneer of HBLs Security Compendium enswathing latest innovations and trends. His other related domain of adroitness includes White Collar Financial Crime Investigations.

Apart from afore mentioned fields Salman’s achievement and accomplishment is that he has been editor of The Review Staff Colleges prestigious annual magazine. Is a highly eloquent speaker with a British accent who is adroit in performing as master of ceremony and sports commentator. His other field of dexterity is he is qualified from USA Swim University as a coach in diving and swimming.

Salman has qualified from Rules Academy Saint Andrews UK as a Level 1 rules expert. Is an avid golfer who has served as treasurer Punjab Golf Association from 2000-2008.

Has a lucid expression with a penchant for freelance writing on subjects like travel, sports and etiquette modules.

Salman metiers also include English voice over and lead roles in dramatics with accentuation on British accent.

Contact: Voice: +92 321 9441677, Email:

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At May 13, 2017 at 7:40 AM, Anonymous Sikander Afzal said...

Salman is not only a friend but a friend I have always been able to rely on.
his skills speak volumes of what he is capable of.
keep it up

At May 23, 2017 at 8:17 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I Really value and treasure Sikus sentiments. I feel humbled and modest.
Stay blessed.


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