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Golfing at Bhurban, Murree

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Happening Now

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Elocution Training

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Primarily for those who may not be familiar with the word elocution which from Latin stems from eloqui to eloquence. This means expertise and metier in art of speech, delivery and voice modulation. Major accentuation of an elocutionist is on delivered of speech, prose or rendition of poetic verses. Art of eloquence implies correct stresses on words by rise to gradual crescendo followed by attenuation to a diminuendo. The elocutionist is trained to render a piece of unseen prose and a poem with lucidity with emphasis on pronunciation, frequency modulation so as to leave an indelible impression on the listeners.

Right from my school days we were taught by English teachers from British Council and Saint Marys. Radiant Reading and books of English history were taught during the 60s. Major emphasis was laid on correct usage of words, pronunciation with a British accent and eloquent delivery. In those halcyon days hat debates ad declamation contests were organised regularly to prepare students for impromptu off the cuff speeches.
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The Coaching Center

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We offer:

Personalized swim coaching (latest drills will be imparted) for beginners, tiny tots, and advanced level swimmers – watch here.

Voice over with a British accent available for documentaries, sports commentary and speech writing – listen here.

English elocution training  for students – listen voice here

Corporate security, security surveys, inspections, threat analysis and strategies to fight white collar crimes also available.

Master of ceremony, compere and commentator all sports events.

Call for consultation session here: 0321 9441677

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Trip to USA

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Voice Over Artist

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For those who might not be conversant with this terminology voice over is technique in which person delivers a presentation, narration/commentary on augmenting the script of a film, TV, or a documentary. This is normally pre-recordedby seasoned voice over artists to narrate events, topographical details, cover news events and as narrators for series like National Geographic, Discovery and Animal Planet.

History and Geographic Channels makes extensive use of voice overs in epitomizing epoch making events of the past coupled with graphic details of nature at its best. The name that immediately strikes one is nonetheless legendary octogenarian Sir David Attenborough.

Another dimension where voice over has made deep ingress is animated films, cartoons, TV advertising and dubbing in films. Even sports commentary is done by voice over artists watching TV on their couches. Educational programmes of lengthy nature are recorded by voice over artists in making educational DVDs. Voice over artistes need to have a coherent voice and a lucid expression. Clientele generally specifies certain parameters for selecting artists like, age of voice, type of accent and nature of assigned task. Price range is also depicted.

Voice articulation is of significant value to mimic and imitate roles of artists. It requires practicing intonation varying tempo so as to build a steady crescendo followed by a gradual diminuendo.Breath control is also equally important during recording demos. That is inflection in one’s style. A more conversationalist style is preferred.

Voice over in the recent past is an industry which has me resounding success and demand with a vast potential to further mushroom.

I have vast experience spread-eagled over 5 decades in field of elocution, commentary, presentations master of ceremony, soliloquy dramas and prose. My metier and forte has been compering, English dramatics and sports commentator of all sports.

Recordings here

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Dil Dil Pakistan

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Devils Tower Wyoming USA

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