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It gives me immense pleasure in welcoming aboard amidst our fold Former Head Security Punjab HBL Col Salman Aslam as our esteemed Chief Security Consultant. He brings forth plethora of experience in fields of corporate security, investigation of white-collar crime and continuous focus on proactive predictive management. A trendsetter, go-getter in all strata’s who excels in new-fangled ideas conception. This induction will bolster the efficaciousness of the company. His incisiveness perception, sagacity and candour will help in enhancing our image/reputation.

DIGIWATCH takes immense pride in provision of quality and impeccable services to our clientele. In present volatile scenario customer satisfaction is paramount. Our prime objective is to palliate the risks involved which hinge on threat assessments by pragmatic and viable solutions with minimal impact on a client’s operation.


a. Panache and Spheres of Dexterity
• Compilation of Security Compendium encompassing all facets based on SOPs.
• Issue of ready reckoners to banks serving as a beacon in dealing with likely scenarios to be encountered.
• Conduct of security appreciation, inspections, crisis management, surveys and SWOT analysis.
• Planning and overseeing deployment of entire realm of security tentacles.
• Conduct massive inspections/tours to oversee enforcement of SOPs.
• Overseeing and coordinating all facets of security apparatus like CCTV, BASMs, and patrolling.
• Pioneered vibrant concept of night guard less banking by use of RFIDs. Resultantly ensuring massive pruning of bank expenses.
• Conducting alarm testing exercises to ascertain viability and operational efficacy of alarm companies. Centralized issue of post-paid SIMs to bank branches to ensure BASMs remain operational under all adverse contingencies.
• Infusing, instilling and inculcating security awareness thrust amongst employees. Training to be imparted through security seminars/presentations and advisories.


• Risk Management and security consultancy.
• Physical security assessment and security auditing inclusive of surveys.
• Writing of security compendiums, SOPs and analytical advisories.
• Production of new-fangled innovative concepts with stress on pruning expenses. Break chains of fixation and status quo by employment of advanced stratagems.
• Massive experience in all facets of security risk assessment, surveillance, emergency response plan and crime deterrence.
• To preclude possibility of threats likely to emanate by weaving a well-orchestrated response ensuring risk mitigation.
• Spearhead and vanguard new innovative concepts in banking industry. Resultantly culminating in pruning excessive expenses.
• Articulation of a well contrived fire suppression system in conjunction with other security tentacles.

Security solutions encompassing following facets:-

• Avant-gardism and cutting edge in innovative corporate security spectrum.
• Security surveys and assessment.
• SWOT analysis and vulnerability perception.
• Security training and audits.
• Risk and operational security by provision of integrated holistic solutions.
• Provision of visionary, all embracing and prudent security panacea for all security related issues.
• Adroitness in compilation of SOPs and Bank Security Dossier.
• Integrated security framework to assuage underlying risk factors.

Security Paraphernalia and Accoutrements

• Fire Detection and Suppression Systems. • Assortment of a wide range of latest CCTV equipment.
• Burglar Alarm Monitoring Systems (BASM).
• Smart Home applications.
• Vanguard in provision of latest locking arrangements.
• Expertise in construction of CCTV Control Rooms.
• Monitoring of offsite ATMs.
• Provision of Maintenance Services for CCTV and BASM.
• Residential security solutions.
• Warehouse and mortgaged property security.
• Capability for provision of security apparatus on rental basis to high-profile clientele.
• Visitor Management and Access Controls. Guard less branches monitoring concept.
• Traffic Regulation and Management Solutions.
• Financial and White Collar Crime Investigation.


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