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Bon Vivant Hole 19 at Lahore Garrison

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The grand opening of Hole 19 at Lahore Garrison and Country Club with all its razzle-dazzle has been a booming success. Gormandizers and bon vivants congregate to savour the mouth-watering and tantalizing cuisine being offered. Serene Location it offers the ideal ambience and atmosphere for food connoisseurs. It offers alfresco dining along with soiree. Leather bound chairs offer added comfort and relaxation.

On entrance one is gleefully greeted by a refined staff trained by the burly Manager F&B Khurram. Cleanliness is impressive. The setting is stunningly aesthetic. Décor and seating further glorifies the ambiance accentuated by exquisite lighting sequences ideal for fine dining. Colour combination is refined and stimulating.

Alfresco dining facilities are available for those food aficionados who have a preference to enjoy the outdoors. As far as menu is concerned I was really impressed by the menu card. The French toasts served with whipped cream and maple syrup is a gourmand s delight. In Salads category Mediterranean is one which I relished and savoured. In the assortment of breakfast segment omelettes and American breakfast stole the limelight. It was delicious and the taste one could savour for a long time. Other items include a melange and hodgepodge of poultry/sea food and burgers.

The presentation was par excellence. The menu offered lot of versatility and combinations for the epicureans. The price tags of some dishes were exorbitant if not staggering. The eatery also excelled in desserts category more profusely in walnut cakes. Most impressive is the motley of coffees available for the connoisseurs. Smoothies, cold coffee and a potpourri of tea and coffees are mouth-watering. They must add ginger ale and vimto on their inventory.

Décor and ambience provided the ideal environment for the golfers to ruminate on their rounds of golf amidst boisterous bouts of laughter.

Overall in hindsight the dining experience at this was par excellence. It is a tremendous addition to the golf club which was long overdue. The secretary also deserves accolade for this herculean effort.

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