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Sauntering on the Shores of Lake Michigan Door Countypeninsula Wisconsin USA

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Next on the list of gallivanting across the US was the state of Wisconsin and its ethereal Door County Peninsula on the shores of Lake Michigan. Wisconsin a mid-western state located in the Great Lakes region. Is a state famous for its dairy products especially butter and cheese. It is world famous in manufacturing of Harley Davidson motor bikes at Menomonee Falls and museum at Milwaukee.

Door County is a tourism bonanza where tourists flock in droves during summer. The rustic, quaint and tranquil town’s population swells in thousands during the season bolstering the tourist extravaganza.The Wisconsinites after battling a severe winter where temperatures plummet to minus 25 degree Celsius move to greener pastures of Door County for a period of rest and reinvigoration.

Door County Peninsula is easily accessible from Maddison, Milwaukee, Chicago and Minneapolis within 2- 4 hour driving times respectively.

Door Peninsula juts inside separating southern segment of Green Bay from Lake Michigan. Beyond the tip of peninsula is the elusive Washington Island. It was an island which became a ship captain’s nightmare in inclement weather to steer clear of this strait.

Summer season exhibits a carnival like ambiance with cherry picking and apple orchards in plenitude. The area is studded with lighthouses like Eagle Bluff and Baileys Harbour Light house for reasons of extreme safety. Strait encompassing Washington Island is cunningly deceptive littered with remnants of ship wrecks.

Major towns are Sturgeon Bay, Sister Bay, Baileys Harbour and Ephraim. We kicked off from Eau Claire ambling across to Door Peninsula a 4 hour jaunt. We hunkered down for a 2 day stay at Blacksmith Inn on the Shore at Baileys Harbour. Cloistered on the shores of Lake Michigan it afforded a breath taking view of the entire lake front. The rooms were delectable with all modern amenities and complimentary breakfast, kayaks and bikes all-inclusive in the package.

We indulged in creative pursuits like fishing, kayaking, and biking ambling nonchalantly in such exquisite surroundings away from the hustle-bustle of city life.

Door County peninsula is famed for the best fish in US mid-west. Local eateries excel in fish delicacies whose taste one savours for a long time. These comprise Walleye, Salmon, northern pike, brown trout, Brooke and Rainbow trout.

The visit is virtually incomplete without witnessing the bizarre Fish Boil event. This is a Scandinavian traditional event where fresh Lake Michigan White Fish is prepared in a cauldron in front of the customers with all the fanfare and heraldry.

The other event which must not be missed is the sunset over the shimmering waters of Lake Michigan. The county has fascinating landscape and beaches to ramble across coupled with pristine hiking trails to explore. For the triathlon types biking trails are plenty in store to traverse.

Wisconsin has developed notoriety for having an immense deer population on the rampage in summer posing a grave threat to motorists. Other places of interest are Crystal Caves and Dells.

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