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Pakistan’s turbulent history has always been beset by a myriad of problems. Panacea for these remains a far flung and remote possibility. Its chequered history has seen numerous military interventions in one form or the other. Its experimentation with quasi democracy, governments under military umbrage have all proved a dismal failure.

The unkindest cut of all was inflicted by Musharraf’s NRO. Shady assassination of Benazir Bhutto remains shrouded in mystifying circumstances. The sinister melodrama of the will albeit paved the way for grand entrée of the notorious Zardari to plunder the country at will. There is not an iota of doubt in my mind that both these parties came back to Pakistan under a Musharraf package to rule on rotational basis. Underlying factor to prolong Musharraf’s rule and share the booty. It was a personal vengeance and vendetta with Pakistan and the military establishment. As both parties in commonality felt aggrieved. Their ultimate goal was to plunder loot and pillage the country at will.Psychic’s dream of vengeance and grand larceny. Musharraf’s ouster under extenuating circumstances ushered in the PPP. We all are well aware of the 5 years term completion in the name of so called democracy. To sum it in one sentence it was a deadly combination of kleptocracy and kakistocracy (government of the worst).

One to two stints in power are enough for any oxymoron to learn. Repetition of past peccadillos and blunders should be a taboo. In cases of foolocracy only mistakes is repeated en mass. Pakistan is witnessing these days the worst form of government (kakistocracy) in all its manifestations.

Third stint in power for PML (N) is the worst out of its tenures in corridors of power.This government can be aptly be described as kakistocracy by plutocrats and oligarchs. Country is riddled and plagued with plethora of burning problems. Ineptitude, inertia and mental stagnation has made inroads in the bone marrow of all state institutions. Corruption, jobbery and chicanery are at its zenith and crippling the nation like a lame horse.

With these attributes and credentials government is being administered. I tried my best to find a cracy which illustrated government run by relatives. Relativocracy could be a word/misnomer. Province ruled for the sixth time by a pompous brother. Sibling’s virtually holding portfolio of de facto CM and youth affairs. Failed schemes of cars, taxis revived yet again for lucrative profiteering. Finances controlled at the whims of yet another close confidant/relation. Portfolios of Foreign Affairs all held by advisors who are geriatrics whose mental faculties have been ossified and fossilized. Dissension and disenchantment within party has started making ingresses.

Decision making seems to be a lost art of the family. Decisions taken are unusually delayed, procrastinated and reactionary. Leadership deficit and vacuum has further compounded the misery thrust on this nation. It is well-nigh not even possible to find a leader of stature amongst the inept and incompetent lot. Mediocrity and below par leaders are at helm of affairs.

Leaders flourishing under military umbrage and bred in nurseries continue to have megalomaniacal tendencies. Resultantly democratic institutions suffer.Autocratic style of leadership has crept in these self-styled leaders. Consequently there is a huge void and distance between the leader and the populace. A rudiment of democracy is violated right at the outset.

To further accentuate the agony and torment such leaders resort to the worst form of kleptocracy by a selected oligarchy by siphoning away public exchequer. Why should Pakistan bleed inexorably at the hands of such an incompetent leadership??Tendency of status quo, misoneism and misology continues unfettered. The corrupt and tainted roam freely with no regrets. Likes of MR has made deep inroads into life blood of the nation where gifts of palatial houses are given to AZ with no questions asked. There was a time when list of 303 and 1600 corrupt were issued. Many committed and contemplated suicide rather than a life of ignominy and disgrace. Of late a general shot himself when guilt of his corruption overwhelmed him. This is indeed a forlorn hope.

In such a situation country is plunged into a worst form of depression and anarchy where all state institutions are allowed to run headless. NAB, Judiciary and other watch dogs are made impotent and toothless by inducting favorites and relatives. Ironically this could be termed as worst form of Gulocracy. Averseness to change, reason and logic further gives vent to total chaos and pandemonium. Reinforcing failures and initiating projects with massive kickbacks in hindsight with favorites acting as front men as divulged by dissident part heads is the biggest example of corruption par excellence. It has been proved beyond doubt that elections 2013 were badly rigged, fudgedamanipulated. Principal actors were the judiciary, caretakers and local government in situ.

Emergence of a new force out of the ashes and backlash of elections is a really promising sign.The dharnas have given a new impetus massive resistance against injustice and chicanery. This is a good omen for the country. Awareness seems to have been infused in the masses, bourgeois and the proletariat to demand their rights.

Government is a victim of foolacracy totally bamboozled by IK and TQ. Their only response is lackadaisical and lacking fervor. Paralysis of all organs seems to be setting. Gangrene is gnawing afflicting the entire government machinery. Leadership has been exposed to the brink. All organizations are functioning in divergent directions.All forms of lies, mendacity and platitudes have probed least convincing. Assets abroad are NOT being declared. Election fraud stands exposed. Opposition and the treasury have joined hands to ensure there are no impediments in continuation of their sordid and nefarious designs.

Under such an imbroglio entire country is embroiled in complete indolence. Need of the hour calls for monumental decisions. Personal aggrandizement needs to be relegated to a lowest pedestal. Midterm polls are a glaring reality. Dilly dallying will not mitigate the specter looming. Even a wrong decision is better than no decision at all. The country finds itself precariously entangled on all its fronts. Army committed in fighting the terrorists in the frontier. India on the contrary is unleashing an jingoistic warmongering hysteria. Pakistan finds itself on the precipice torn asunder by internal rifts and dissension.

In such a quandary Pakistan needs a leader with sagaciousness, sterling and astute leadership qualities to extricate us from the mess in which we are entangled. Dharnas have paved the way for complete stripping of our leaders. The tenacity, grit and inexhaustible stamina of these 2 leaders are virtually unsurpassable. In hind-sight this exposure in its wake has made way for IK to show his mettle, dexterity and prowess. This is his finest hour.It is now or never.

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good to see you are finally on live.
keep at it my friend

At May 22, 2017 at 5:34 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks. Regret belated reply.


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