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Epicurean Food Extravaganza at Tierra Nuestra

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This new food eatery has hit Lahorities by storm. Gormandizers and bon vivants congregate to savor the mouth-watering and tantalizing cuisine being offered.

Located opposite Nishat Hotel on the city’s busiest road it offers the ideal ambiance and atmosphere for food connoisseurs. Another renowned eatery also uses the Spanish nomenclature Cosa Nostra. Somehow the Sicilian connection is inbuilt in its name giving it a mafia touch. Even the judges are using this term in its judgmental decrees.

Tierra in Spanish means earth and Nuestra implies ours. Location is central on the main road with ample parking space and valets. On entrance one is gleefully greeted by a refined staff. The setting is stunningly aesthetic. Decor and seating further glorifies the ambiance accentuated by exquisite lighting sequences ideal for fine dining. Co lour combination is black dominated studded by photos of polo players in action.

Alfresco dining facilities are available for those food aficionados who have a preference to enjoy the outdoors. As far as food was concerned in the soups category the tomato soup was the one to really relish. In the starters segment Dynamite Prawns stole the limelight. It was delicious and the taste one could savor for a long time.

The chef we were told was trained in Italian and Mexican cuisine. The menu offered lot of versatility and combinations for the epicureans. The price tags of some dishes were exorbitant if not staggering. The eatery excelled in desserts category more profusely in cakes.

If the restaurant is to make major inroads and an indelible imprint in the industry it will have to offer special discounts for seniors, students and corporate sector. Opening of an exquisite cafe

at the first floor is yet another monumental achievement which will have a telling effect catering to the needs of all and sundry.

Overall in hindsight the dining experience at this was par excellence.

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