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PGF is contemplating compiling a Golf Compendium/website containing courses / clubs profile of all its golf courses.

2.         For promotion of golf and wider publicity of golf courses in Pakistan this compendium is being prepared. This can be circulated to all leading hotels, PTDC, airports and communication centers. In this regard maximum input would be required from the concerned golf clubs to make this herculean task possible. Following data and input is requires making it all encompassing:- 

a.         History of the Club (with illustration, sketches and photos) Lahore Garrison Golf& Country Club was envisioned as a 9 hole course in 1984. It was inaugurated in 1986. Further upgradation was planned to make it an 18 holes course in 1989-90. In 1993 multifaceted recreational facilities were added to bring it in consonance with a country club. Facilities like swimming pool, squash and tennis courts, gymnasium and a restaurant were added.
b.                  Location Amjad Ali Chaudhry Road Lahore Cantonment.
c.                   Classification (Public or Private) Private
d.                  Course Rating / Type of Course / Profile to include details of each hole illustrated by photos to include following: -
(1)               Number of bunkers Fairway 23 and greenside sand traps 42
(2)               Number of hazards 3 lakes 10 hazards
(3)               Stroke Index 1 to 18
(4)               Layout Sketches trees 1866 to add degree of difficulty.
(5)               SS of Course 72 distance 6654 yards.
(6)               Practice Range with simulator available with video recording facility. Practice greens with chipping and pitching facility available.
(7)               Photos of signature holes par3,4  &5 hole  illustrated with brief description to include: -
(a)               Dogleg
(b)              Undulation
(c)               Type of Shots favoured (draw / fade).
(d)              Distance to hazards from tee.
(e)               Degree of difficulty.
e.                   Infra-structure Available in form of hotels and guest rooms’ transportation etc. for tourists / visitors.
f.                    Hierarchy of Club  include: -
(1)               Patron in-Chief
(2)               Patron
(3)               President
(4)               Secretary
g.                  Byelaws / Constitution of Clubs / Local Rules To be distributed to all members.
h.                  Members List and Directory Comprehensively prepared for issue.
j.                    Allied Facilities Available Caddies, golf trollies available. Golf equipment related charges.
k.                  Postal / E-mail Addresses for Correspondence
l.                    Telephone Numbers
m.                Photographs of Club Buildings and other Amenities
n.                  Practice Range
(1)               Driving Range           Night practice illumination under process.
(2)               Chipping Area
(3)               Practice Bunkers
(4)               Putting Area
o            Amenities  Restaurant 19th hole is a tremendous addition providing alfresco and soiree dining facilities of the highest-class for bon vivants.                                                        
(1)               Snack Bar and Bakery available.
(2)               Mid Way Huts 2
(3)               Lockers available.
(4)               Players’ Lounge with showers under renovation
(5)               Pro-Shop Facilities Presently disabled.
(6)               Swimming Pool facility in summers only. Heating not installed.
(7)               Tennis
(8)               Squash
(9)               Sauna / Jacuzzi/Steam Bath.
o.                  Gymnasium under construction.
p.                  Indoor Recreational Facilities
q.                  Dress Code / Spikes Policy Strict dress policy in vogue.
r.                   Marker/Coaching Certified coaches available with minimal charges per hour.
s.                   R&A Qualified Rules  Expert Available Col Salman Aslam
2.         Review of Golf Course and Signature Holes
a. Hole Number 6 Par 3 Signature holes in terms of golf architectural lingo is characterized by certain features like aesthetics, degree of difficulty, ambience, design variety to test skills of the experts, hazards/pin placements all are indicative of criterion set to qualify for a signature hole. This hole is 194 yards form back tees posing immense challenge for the skilled pro as they have to battle strong winds with a shear effect. Green is also elevated with a Redan type configuration with severe slopes further making shot making difficult.  Club selection is also dicey for an elevated green requires an extra club. A blue lagoon water hazard jealously guards approach to the green gulping ball errant shots into the water. Miss the green short requires a dexterous little lob wedge to the pin. For the adventurous going over r ends up with a nightmarish pitch to the hole.
Its flanks are guarded by high trees which further compounds miseries of the high handicapper. A high draw is favorite shot in which the water hazard gets out of play. A fade would probably end up in the hazard.
b.         Hole Number 2 Par 4 SI 2 this par 4 which is the second most difficult hole of course which I would rate as SI 1.  Really a night mare for the classic banana slicer as this shot swirls out of bounds with such ease. Degree of difficulty can rattle up even the best of players. Shot making requires adroitness and control of trajectory by moving the ball both ways. Long hitters are subdued as a monstrous drive lands into the water hazard. High elevated green with Redan treacherous slopes from back to front adds to the unkindest cut for the golfer. A huge water hazard needs to be circumnavigated. Margin of error is minimal. This hole can really add ghastly numbers on a golfer’s scorecard.
c.         Hole 18th Par 5  A culminating hole providing a stunning climax in a tournament. Setting and design layout of the hole envisages a shot partially blocking view of the fairway to the right. An errant draw from right to left could be deflected or wind up in the trees.  High fade would be a better option to dodge the fairway sand traps. Second shot is crucial. For the pros might venture a try for the green yet the odds of finding the winding water hazard increase manifold.
For optimum results laying up within 100 yards is   is a more prudent approach. The flanks are guarded by heavy rough a trees making getting out of jail difficult. Third shot is a high pitch requiring deftness and finesse. At this juncture pressure mounts on players which in turn   results in duffed or topped shots. Such balls are likely to find the water hazard or the bunker across the green. Another ominous threat is the Out of Bounds lurking close to the club house. On this hole the champion runs away with the glittering trophy from rest of the pack.

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