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Alfresco Barbecue Garden At LGG&CC Lahore

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Garrison Golf Club at Lahore has made deep inroads into the world of gourmands. Setting is phenomenal and breath-taking. In the backdrop of a picturesque blue lagoon, shrouded with blue lights cascade the water front is an ambiance par excellence. Crystal blue waters of the lake further bolster the awesome aura. Gazebos offer exquisite family dining with a soiree setting. Atmosphere is homely and cuisine offered is buffet and barbecue right from the pit. Redoubt provides a panoramic view of the course all around. Easily accessible with massive parking bays available make it an attractive spot for epicureans.

This outlet has really invigorated the rather dull atmosphere infusing lot of night dining and an ideal environment for family bon Viv ants. Waiters were dressed immaculately. Service was super-fast. An assortment of dishes was offered which really were mouth-watering, aromatic and appetite quenching.Managed by the burly and efficient F&B Manager Khurram was true image of the natty gritty involved in the resounding success of this feature? Connoisseurs grading on a Michelin scale 1-10. Food quality and taste eight. Service seven. Crockery setting and display a staggering eight on the scale. Ambience and aura stole the limelight with an enviable nine. Overall atmosphere an eight stands justified. Most importantly the prices are more than reasonable.

Garrison has finally got out of the slumber by really jump-starting a dull and dampened atmosphere. The revitalizing experience has made an indelible imprint for the members and their guests who throng the club like never before. Members have come out of hibernation into a highly charged gregarious mode. Assortment of dishes and delicacies along with very congenial, conducive and palatable environment make the Alfresco Barbecue garden a major attraction.The management deserve accolade and felicitations for this social boon.

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