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Swimming Pool Etiquette and Faux-pas

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With advent of sweltering heat and scorching sun public at large find recluse in public and private swimming pools. Albeit these pools provide an excellent ambiance and environment yet it requires sound knowledge of pool mannerisms and hygiene. For pool management safety of swimmers is of paramount significance. It would be in fitness of things to apprise all and sundry regarding the various etiquettes in vogue coupled with the glaring faux-pas which could be a source of embarrassment at times.

• Showering before entering a pool.   Failure to do so puts a swimmer at high risk for infections especially swimmers ear, fungal and throat. Use of lotions, deodorants is a definite health hazard. 
• Walking Barefoot.   Is a certain invitation to foot fungal infection. Use proper slippers while showering to dispel chances of contact with urinating delinquents. 
• Use of Street Shoes on Pool Deck. Contact of street shoes having mud/dirt with the pool mating affects pool cleanliness. During washing this mud comes in contact with water once during washing the dust enters the pool retarding effect of chlorination. 
• Children underage entering pool with Diapers. High risk cases when children who are NOT toilet trained enter the pool. 
 • Inoculation/ Vaccinations. Ensure all family members are vaccinated against water borne diseases and tetanus shot administered.

Swimming Attire

a. Proper costumes Nocut-offjeans, Bermuda’s or cargoes. 
b. Caps and Goggles to obviate chances of clogging pool gutters and skimmers are mandatory. 
c. Use of Sun Cream for protection UVI 
d. No Makeup to be applied during swims as it interferes with PH levels and Chlorination 
e. Swimmers with skin infections and Stomach Disorders to be quarantined. 

Assortment of Spare Kit 

a. Spare Costumes. 
b. Goggles. 
c. Extra caps. 

Lane Etiquettes 

a. Peak/Rush Timings Paucity of space will dictate use of lane sharing mode. 
b. Designation of Lanes Based on swimming speed and prowess into categories like Fast/Lap, Medium and slow need to be designated. 
c. Lane Sharing Mode This entails sharing of a lane by 4-5 swimmers swimming in a clockwise manner at the turn to avoid collisions with a 10 second gap. Overtaking to be done with tap on the feet. 
d. Standing at end of Lane Swimmers gossiping and standing at end of lane obstruct swimmers at the turn. 
e. Avoidance Of Butterfly Stroke During Peak Timings 

Diving Taboos 

a. No diving without supervision. 
b. No diving in shallow water as it is HIGH RISK. 
c. One diver at a time from diving board. 
d. Ensure all clear before diving at sound of whistle by life guards. 
e. No horseplay and ducking. 

Pool Safety Parameters 

a. Most drowning incidents occur in water depth over 6 inches in baby pools. 
b. Cramps and exhaustion is another factor affecting swimmers safety. 
c. Use of CPR and defibrillators essential to deal with unforeseen contingencies. 
d. NO swimming during Lightning and thunderstorms. 
e. Presence of life guard mandatory. 
f. Supervision by parents /guardians very essential. No reliance on life guards. 
g. Pool users MUST strictly adhered safety regulations.

Learn more at the Coaching Center 

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