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Compendium on Swimming Pool Rules, New Projects and Management Suggestions

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1. Eligibility / Criteria for Following Appointments:-
  1. Captain: Should be proficient swimmers well conversant with rules and etiquettes.
  2. Honorary Secretary
  3. Vice Captain
2. Swimming Pool Expansion / Renovation. Following suggestions are submitted:-
(1) Construction of New 50 Meter Pool Present pool inadequate to cope with futuristic space constraints.

(2) Option 1.Possible evaluation of conversion of present pool to 35/50 meters.

(3) Option 2. New site be evaluated pragmatically for new pool.

(4) Option 3 Extension of ladies pool to bring it in consonance with some semblance of stipulated dimensions. Existing pool dimensions including depth, width and length create snags for smooth swimming. Thereby creating massive congestion during peak timings.

(5) Option 4. Additional changing room for ladies / girls needs to be incorporated at the ladies pool.

(6) Bathrooms Separate bathroom for gents with urinals required at ladies pool. This pool bears brunt of swimming activity during winter being used for over 7 months. During changeover timings privacy violation incidents have occurred owing to lack of dedicated changing rooms. Despite cautioning those ladies continue to saunter inside changing rooms during gent’s time.

(7) Main Pool Gents Bath/Changing Rooms Last renovated in 2003 Massive renovation of bathrooms and showering facilities required at main pool. Due to heavy influx of new members there is extreme paucity of space. Standard pathetic not in commensuration with gymkhana. Should be at par with other leading clubs.

(8) Use of Solar Panels for heating to obviate and reduce cost of gas solar panels to be installed at both pools concurrently during winter.

(9) Lockers in appalling state

(10) Safety Tips and Pool Etiquettes to be compiled and issued to all members availing this facility at start of swimming season. Significant Recommendation

a. Swimming Attire Cutoff jeans, Bermuda are being worn by members. Swimmers must adhere to lucidly spelt instructions.

b. Swimming caps not being worn by girls.

c. New music system to be procured.

d. SHOWER BEFORE ENTERING board needs to be prominently displayed and enforced.

e. Charter of duties of all staff and committee to be explicitly spelt out.

f. Showers and Foot boards in

g. DANCING FOUNTAINS to be installed at side of pool to give a soothing and aesthetic effect.

h. Chlorine/PH Chart must be displayed.

i. Lane Etiquette to be enforced strictly during peak hours for smooth swimming.

j. Life guards roster / charter of duties needs to be framed and enforced. Minimum 3 life guards to be deputed on rotation basis.

k. Life Guards Round the clock duty of life guard on deck chair.

l. Life guard to be provided following: -

  • Megaphone.
  • Whistle.
  • Bell.
m. Life Jackets, Life jackets white tubes with hook to be available as legally required.

n. Lanes to be marked as Fast Lane, Medium, Seniors Leisure Swims, Lap Swimmers

o. For lap swimming lanes / times designated. During rush hours lane sharing in counter clockwise direction. 8 Lane lines to be procured for swimming galas and enforcement of lane discipline.

p. Coaching timings be specified and restricted to morning/early afternoon. No private coaching by life guards at random. Coaching charges to be enhanced.

q. Rotation of staff at pool on annual basis.

r. Non-earning members introduce guests in blatant contravention of club rules.

s. Guest policy is specified to a max of 4 guests per month.

t. Swimming by non-earning members in senior members lanes to be strictly curbed.

u. Smoking areas be designated.

v. Kitchen deplorable and appalling entailing massive improvement and attention.

w. Medical Certificate Members to furnish medical certificate about skin infection and others contagious disease. Members to be inoculated and vaccinated.

x. Slippers shoe rack with club slippers to be provided outside. Slippers to be used by member’s to the pool to prevent fungal infection of feet. No movement barefoot. Parents not to sit/stand at pool side with shoes.

y. Starting Boards and decks not in conformity with FINA/ national standards. 8 new boards required for club swimmers to practice starts.

z. Barbecue On Saturday pool side barbecue to be available.

aa. Poolside Tam bola to be organized for members of swimming club on monthly basis.

bb. Special lectures and training on following subjects be arranged by me:-

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