Salman Aslam

Candid Schmooze

Lahore Garrison Golf and Country Club

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1. Following suggestions encompassing various disciplines are appended below please: - 

a. Golf

(1) Committees. Following committees to be formed from members duly elected: -
(a) Club Committees
(b) Handicap Committee
(c) Tournament Committee
(d) Discipline Committee
(e) Membership Committee
(f) Greens Committee
(g) Fairways Committee
(h) Tree Plantation Committee
(j) Rules Committee
(2) Management of Course. Apart from committees mentioned earlier appointment holders for various sporting activities should also be nominated / elected as under (For details refer to bye-laws):-
(a) Golf
i. Course Capt
ii. Honorary Secretary
iii. Vice Capt
(b) Restaurant Sec
Food and Beverage Manager
(c) Swimming
i. Capt
ii. Vice Capt
iii. Honorary Manager
(a) Tennis
i. Capt
ii. Honorary Manager
(b) Squash
i. Capt
ii. Honorary Manager
(c) Gymnasium
i. Capt
ii. Coach
(d) Practice Range
i. OIC
ii. Marker
(3) Annual General Meeting. To be held regularly to pass all minutes. Audit of accounts be conducted and passed at an AGM. This should be chaired by Chairman / Patron. Refer to handbook draft.
(4) Byelaws. Bye laws to be framed in accordance with constitution and needs reappraisal.
(5) Constitution of Golf Club. Constitution of LGGC needs to be framed in accordance with those of PGF / PGA.
(6) Golf Club Newsletter. A quarterly newsletter covering all activities of the Club should be disseminated to all members. Following activities are suggested to be planned:-
(a) Grand Tombolas Quarterly
(b) Musical Evening Annually
(c) Sunday Brunches Every Sunday
(d) Food Festival Annually
(7) Members Directory/Hand Book. A comprehensive directory of all members should be available which can be procured on payment. Hand book should be issued to all members.

(8) Local Tournaments. More frequent local club tournaments are held on special occasion. Members who wish to participate should be charged at Rs 100 per tournament payable in advance: -
(a) Defence Day.
(b) Ramzan Cup.
(c) Independence Day.
(d) Quaid-e-Azam Day.
(e) Sunday matches once a month.
(f) Iqbal Day.
(g) Pakistan Day.
(h) Inter Club Matches.
(j) Pagal Criss Cross
(k) Match play two ball / four ball.
(9) Rule Book. It should be compulsory for all members to purchase Golf Rules Book from the Club. Ignorance or flouting of rules should not be taken as an excuse.
(10) Golf Coaching / Rules Clinic. Golf Clinic should be org under aegis of PGA / PGF who have a special panel of qualified coaches available. Similarly special clinic on rules and etiquettes of the game should be held regularly. New members must pass a quiz test before entering the course.
(11) Golf Coaching. Names of coaches alongwith their rates should be displayed. No other person should impart coaching other than auth coaches who should be qualified through PGA/PGF. Special children coaching clinics be holds part of a talent search drive.
(12) Golf Digest / Video Library. The Club should subscribe for golf magazines which should be placed in Club Sports Library / Reading Room. Coaching video can also be placed in the Sports Library.
(13) Flag Colours. Three distinct colors of flags should be available to cater for pin placement positions as under:-
(a) Near Edge of Green Yellow
(b) Middle Edge of Green Red
(c) Far Edge Blue
(14) Distance Markers. Fresh survey of distances to be conducted. Colors of distance marker as per international configuration: -
(a) 100 yds Red
(b) 150 yds Blue
(c) 200 yds Yellow
(15) Dress Code. Following items of clothes should not be allowed: -
(a) Shirt without collar.
(b) Track suits (Including lowers).
(c) Beach shorts (Bermuda).
(d) Shalwar kameez (Not to be worn by caddies).
(e) Jeans wit patch pockets.
(16) Caddies Wages
(e) Cat-A
i. 18 holes  Rs
ii. 9 holes  Rs
(f) Cat-B
i. 18 holes  Rs
ii. 9 holes  Rs
(g) Cat-C
i. 18 holes  Rs
ii. 9 holes  Rs
(17) Caddies Training
(a) Categorization. There are various anomalies at presenting categories of caddies being employed. Clinics for caddies should be organized by the markers and they should be tested in rules / etiquettes of the games. They should be sub- divided into three distinct categories:-
i. Cat-A. The best caddies of the lots who has attained a degree of proficiency and are well versed with the game.
ii. Cat-B. Second segment of caddies who show promise and are likely to attain higher categorization with more experience and dedication.
iii. Cat-C. Those caddies who are absolutely raw and need intense grooming. All caddies should be registered by the club. Separate arm bands to be worn by each category.
(b) Caddies Dress. All caddies must have proper gowns engraved with emblem of LGGC. Following items must be part of kit:-
i. Bag filled with sand for repairing divots.
ii. Marker.
iii. Tool for repairing pitch / ball marks.
(18) Pro Shop. The pro shop is well stocked but proper rate list be displayed with special concession for members, A separate block needs to be constructed to house the pro shop. Open tenders for running of pro shop should be called annually. Tendering should be transparent and decided on merit. Minimum annual rent should be fixed annually.
(19) Car Parking Bays. Proper marking / alignment of car parking bays needs to be done to avoid hap hazardous parking. Concept of reserved parking needs to be done away. Special stickefr see issued for disabled/senior veteran’s and places reserved along with wheel chairs.
(20) Practice Range. The range needs close attention. Rates need to suitably revise as the balls being provided are of extremely poor quality. Range markers with proper specification need to be surveyed and installed. Mats and flood lights need to be fixed for use at night.
(21) Defaulters List. Ceiling of credit / debit should be specified for various types of members: - Max Limit of Credit
(a) Permanent Members Rs
(b) Service Members (Master Card) Rs
(c) Absentee Members
(d) Corporate Members Rs Nil
(e) Non-earning (Wards of member) Nil
(22) Degree of Difficulty of Course. The SS rating of course has been reduced by PGF to 71. This has been done in wake of removal of hazards, bankers and cutting of trees. Degree of difficulty has been reduced relatively. To achieve course SS rating of par 72 more obstacles/hazards need to be made. More undulations be incorporated.
(23) Unpaid Bills / Bad Debtors. To obviate chances of bad debtors unpaid bills a refundable security deposit from all members can be recovered in advance. This recovery can be in instalments and refundable on posting / termination of membership.
(24) Midway Houses. Refreshment huts at holes 6 and 14 must have sufficient eatables / snacks / refreshments available on payment.
(25) Handicap Cards. All members should be issued their current handicap cards / certificates which are required to be shown to affiliated clubs for tournaments.
b. Swimming Pool Expansion / Renovation. Following suggestions are submitted: -
(1) Swimming pool dimensions are not in configuration with any standardized version. It is about 15 metres.
(2) Following options are recommended:-
(a) Option 1. Present pool be converted into ladies / children pool.
(b) Option 2.New pool of 25 meters is constructed.
(c) Option 3. New pool should be covered to facilitate heating arrangement during winter.
(d) Option 4. If there are constraints then existing pool be expanded to 25 meters.
(e) Option 5. Additional changing room for ladies / girls needs to be constructed.
(f) Option 6. Separate bathroom for ladies must be made to ensure privacy.
(3) Swimming pool bye-laws, rules and safety tips are attached.
c. Miscellanious/Mélange Suggestions
(1) Billiards / Card Room. Is under utilized and an entire room is being wasted. Similarly card room caters for hardly 4 members which are not viable. These rooms can be converted into sports library / reading room.
(2) General Meetings. Following types of meetings may be convened which should be presided by Chairman / Patron: -
(a) Annual General Meeting (AGM). Attended by all members.
(b) Extra-ordinary General Meetings
(c) Urgent General Meetings
(3) Absentee Members. Should be charged 50% subscription drug absentee period in advance.
(4) Payment in Advance. All members paying bills in advance should be given special discount / rebate as an incentive. Resultantly there would be a decline in defaulters.
(5) Naming of Holes. All holes should be given names. Stroke index of some holes need review in wake of lesser degree of difficulty.
(6) Trash/Litter Management Trash bins be installed at prominent places to deter littering.
(7) Placards. Important rules / etiquettes should be placed on trees.
(8) Seniors Concession Concessions for seniors are applicable at age 62 in all countries’. Same is applied to give incentive to sexagenarians.
(9) Display of Notices Notices is displayed on easel/blackboard at entrance near reception. Presently notice board is at a very inconspicuous place. Members are not aware of what is posted.



1. Historical Background. Lahore Garrison Golf and Country Club was conceived as 9 holes course with the designation of Garrison Golf Club Lahore. The work commenced in 1984, under the patronage of then Commander 4 Corps Lieutenant General F S Lodhi. Lieutenant General Aslam Shah inaugurated it in 1986. The course was upgraded to 18 holes during 1989/90. In late 1992, work started to develop the course into a multifaceted sports cum recreational complex. It was re-designated as Lahore Garrison Golf and Country Club. Course statistics are as under: -
a. Par 72
b. Total Area 129 acres
c. Holes 18
d. Location Amjad Chaudhry Road, Lahore Cantt
e. Facilities Available
(1) Golf
(2) Skeet and Trap Shooting Range
(3) Tennis
(4) Gymnasium
(5) Swimming Pool
(6) Sauna and Steam Bath
(7) Cricket Ground
(8) Jogging Track
(9) Restaurant
(10) Squash Courts
(11) Marriage Lawns
(12) Billiards / Card Room
2. Organization and Committees. The final control and ultimate authority over the affairs of the LGG&CC is vested in the permanent members through Committee of Management. The Management of Club is to be conducted through the Committee of Management elected at the Annual General Meeting. Any member who has completed five years as a Permanent Member is eligible for re-election after the expiry of one year of retirement from the Committee. The Committee elects from amongst its members a member to be the Chairman of the Committee. To conduct the affairs of the Club; the Committee of Management makes rules, sub-rules or bye-laws consistent with the Memorandum & Articles of Association of LGG&CC. Details are as follow:-
a. Patron-in-Chief. Commander 4 Corps shall be the Patron-in-Chief of the LGGCC. The Club shall function under his patronage.
b. President. Chairman Committee of Management nominated / elected:-
(1) Assist the Patron-in-Chief in the overall control of the club.
(2) Preside over the Annual Central Executive Committee meetings LGG&C or any other meeting of which he is a member and Patron-in-Chief is not present.
(3) Ensure attainment of the aims end objective of the Club.
(4) Appoint Convenors and other members of various Committees/Sub Committees.
(5) Form a working group for a specific purpose/task.
(6) In case of a tie of votes, he shall cast the deciding vote.
(7) When emergency has arisen requiring immediate action to be taken, he shall take such action as he deems necessary. The same shall be put up before the next Executive Committee meeting for approval.
(8) Appoint Membership Committee.
c. Convenor Sports. Nominated / elected from the permanent members of Club:-
(1) Assist the President in the overall control of the Club.
(2) Perform the duties of President in his absence.
(3) Ensure attainment of the aims and objectives of the club.
(4) Be the President of the Tournament Committee.
(5) Ensure periodically that the expenditure of the Club is legitimate and within the financial discipline.
(6) Sanction the employment/discharge of Club employees.
(7) Detail board of officers and ensure that audit of accounts is carried out On quarterly basis i.e. 31 March, 30 June, 30 September and 31 December each year.
(8) Bring any irregularity to the notice of the Chairman / President as and when necessary.
(9) Take any action as may be incidental or conducive for the functioning of the Club.
d. Convenor Golf. Will be nominated / elected by the President / Chairman / Convenor sports and he shall assist the Chairman in performing their duties and carry out any task assigned by the Chairman / Convenor Sports / Committee of Management will nominate the following Committees: -
(1) Greens Committee
(2) Fairways Committee
(3) Pin Placement Committee
(4) Tree Plantation Committee
(5) Tournament Director
(6) Match Referee
(7) Rules Committee
(8) Discipline Committee
(9) Handicap Committee
(10) Finance Committee
e. Secretary. A permanent retired armed forces officer who shall:-
(1) Assist the Convenors in discharge of their duties.
(2) Ensure the smooth functioning of the Club and facilities.
(3) Guide and supervise the Assistant Secretary in discharge of his executive duties.
(4) With the Assistant Secretary, to jointly conduct functioning of the Club and control / operate the finances of the Club within the laid down policy.
(5) Guide and give policy to the Assistant Secretary in correspondence/running of the Secretariat office.
(6) Receive all subscriptions, donation etc. made to the Club.
(7) Do any other thing as may be incidental or conducive for the functioning of the Club.
f. Captain of the Course. The Convenor may appoint any Permanent Member as Captain of the Course. Such member shall be a experienced golfer and have good knowledge of Golf and Golf Course Management: -
(1) Work under the Convenor Golf.
(2) Make a plan for tree plantation and ensure plantation.
(3) Enforce discipline on the course.
(4) Maintenance of the Course and Course Management.
(5) Suggest improvements on the course.
(6) Work out and give requirements of new machinery etc. to the Executive Committee for approval / purchase.
(7) Be a member of the Tournament, Discipline and Course Committees.
(8) Make pin/tee placements for the tournaments.
(9) Appoint Fairy Way, Green and Pin Placement Committee.
g. Assistant Secretary. An retired armed officer permanently appointed by the Chairman / President will be the Assistant Secretary. Such officer should be a good golfer and must have experience of organizing / conducting golf tournaments. He shall: -
(1) Work under the Convenor Sports and the Secretary.
(2) Superintend and control all work of the club office staff, other employees and will be responsible for their discipline I leave I administration etc.
(3) Correspond on behalf of the Club.
(4) Attend meetings at the Pakistan Golf Federation, Punjab Golf Association and elsewhere on behalf of the LGG&CC.
(5) Be empowered to impose fine upto Rs. 200.00 for any irregularity or misconduct by the Club Staff.
(6) Conduct golf tournaments / matches at national I local levels.
(7) Maintain close liaison with PGF, PGA and other Golf Clubs in the country.
(8) Implement the decisions of the Executive Committee.
(9) Maintain handicap of all LGG&CC members.
(10) Record issue notice, agenda points and minutes of all meetings.
(11) Issue amendments to the laws and bye-laws once approved by the competent authority.
(12) Ensure the upkeep/maintenance of the golf course and its machinery.
(13) Formulate I implement / supervise the development plans.
(14) Ensure maintenance of the Club facilities from technical as well as administrative points of view.
(15) After due sanction of the competent authority be empowered to purchase and acquire stores, machinery etc required for the upkeep and maintenance of the Club, pro shop etc.
(16) Ensure that Pro Shop is adequately stocked to cater for the needs for the members. (17) Prepare the annual budget and get the same approved by the Executive Committee.
(18) Prepare balance sheet duly audited to be presented/passed by the Executive Committee/General Body.
(19) Maintain the Club accounts and ledgers.
(20) Get the accounts audited by the auditors on quarterly and yearly basis.
(21) Prepare the Annual Report and get the same approved by the Executive Committee.
(22) Procure sufficient periodicals/magazines for the general interest of the members and ensure they are not removed from the club premises.
(23) Maintain a golf related library of magazines and video cassettes.
(24) Arrange coaching/practice range facilities.
(25) In the absence of Secretary he will be the Secretary of all Sub Committees.
(26) Do all such other tasks as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of aims and objectives of LGG&CC.
h. Deputy Assistant Secretary. May be appointed by the President to assist the Assistant Secretary in discharging his duties. He shall:-
(1) Ensure discipline on the Course.
(2) Ensure discipline of Caddies / Caddies training.
(3) Security of men and material
(4) Manage the practice range including coaching clinics.
(5) Assist in the conduct of tournaments on the course.
(6) Maintain the jogging track.
(7) Inspection of machinery.
(8) Purchase of stores in coordination with Assistant Secretary.
(9) Maintenance of facilities on the course.
(10) Act as one of the Marshals during tournaments.
(11) Perform any other task assigned by the Secretary / Assistant Secretary.
j. Annual General Meeting. The Annual General Meeting of the Club will be held in the second half of every year. It will be attended by the Permanent Members of the club. Place, date and agenda of the meeting will be notified to all members at least 30 days in advance through letters and club notice board It shall: -¬
(1) Adopt the annual report submitted by the secretary.
(2) Pass the audited accounts.
(3) Pass the decisions of the Executive Committee.
(4) Discuss any matter related to the functioning, administration, rules etc. of the club. No member shall be entitled to move any resolution under this heading unless a copy of the point is sent to the Secretary twelve days before the date of meeting.
Note 1: At the Annual Meeting of the General Body 10% of the members shall form the quorum? If at any meeting there is no quorum; the meeting may be adjourned to a date not earlier than fifteen days later. No quorum shall be necessary for an adjourned meeting provided that not less than ten days notice is given to the members of the adjourned meeting.
Note 2: Except for want of Quorum, no meeting of the General Body once convened shall be postponed unless two-third of the present members ask for postponement or cancellation in writing.
k. Extraordinary General Meeting. Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the President or the Committee or on requisition in writing signed by at least 30 Permanent Members to consider such matters as mentioned in the resolution or requisition or as may be indicated by the Chairman / President. The Secretary shall give not less than 15 days notice of such meeting to all members and shall also circulate a copy of the agenda through Post/Club notice board. No business other than that specified in the notice or in the case of changes in rules)bye-laws. proposed amendments in accordance with rules can be transacted at a special general meeting.
Note 1: At the Extraordinary General Meeting 10% of the members shall form the quorum. If at any meeting there is no quorum; the meeting may be adjourned to a date not earlier than fifteen days later. No quorum shall be necessary for an adjourned meeting provided that not less than ten days notice is given to the members of the adjourned meeting.
Note 2: Except for want of Quorum, no Extraordinary General Meeting once convened shall be postponed unless two-third of the present members ask for postponement or cancellation in writing.
l. Executive Committee. The supreme authority shall be vested in the Executive Committee of LGG&CC whose term of office shall be for a period of two years. It shall consist of the following office bearers nominated by the Patron-in-Chief / Chairman and members elected by the General Body -
(1) Office Bearers
(a) President / Chairman - One (Nominated/elected by Patron in Chief)
(b) Senior Vice President - One (Nominated / elected by President)
(c) Vice Presidents - Two (Nominated by President/Chairman)
(d) Honorary Secretary - One (Nominated by President/Chairman).
(e) Assistant Secretary - One (Nominated by President/Chairman)
(f) Deputy Assistant Secretary- One (Nominated by President/Chairman)
(2) Members
(a) Members for Golf - Men - Five
(b) Member Golf Veterans - One
(c) Member Golf Ladies - One
(d) Member Golf children - One
(e) Members other than Golf for each sport - One
Note 1: At a meeting of the Executive Committee One-Half of the members shall form the quorum. If at any meeting there is no quorum; the meeting may be adjourned to a date not earlier than fifteen days later. No quorum shall be necessary for an adjourned meeting provided that not less than fifteen days notice is given to the members of the adjourned meeting.
Note 2: Except for want of Quorum, no meeting of the Executive Committee once convened shall be postponed unless two-third of the present members ask for postponement or cancellation in writing.
Note 3: If any member of the Executive Committee fails to attend three consecutive meetings without intimation to the Secretary, his name shall be removed from the list of members and the President LGG&CC will nominate another member in his place.
Note 4: The President may admit any person to be a member of the Executive Committee for a specific purpose.
m. Limitation for Executive Committee Members/Committee of Management (COM). Only civilian resident permanent members of LGG&CC who have been a member of the Club for a continuous period of at least five years and defense I government serving / retired permanent member officers can serve on the Executive Committee. Anyone leaving Lahore for or more than one year shall cease to be a member and the president shall nominate another person in his place.
n. Duties and Powers of Executive Committee
(1) All the affairs of the LGG&CC shall be conducted by the Executive Committee and it shall be its duty to see that the general provisions of the constitution I Bye-Laws I Regulations / Notices are complied with in all respect.
(2) Decide all matters relating to the club management. administration, finances and sports.
(3) Ensure attainment of the aims and objectives of LGG&CC.
(4) Meet once every quarter in the Club building i.e March. June; September and December.
(5) Convene emergency session on request of the President or at least 40% of Executive Committee members.
(6) Adopt the annual report submitted by the Honorary Secretary.
(7) To approve/pass the expenditure and budget estimates for the next financial year.
(8) Decide all matter by simple majority vote. President LGG&CC will exercise casting vote in case of a tie.
(9) Ratify impromptu decisions during its sessions.
(10) To appoint sub-committees and delegate powers as deemed appropriate.
(11) Consider and dispose, off all matters of the sub committees.
(12) To appoint auditors and fix their remuneration.
(13) To make such Bye-Laws, local rules etc. as deemed admissible from time to time. These shall be incorporated in the Club rules and Bye-laws or be published by notice to be posted on the club notice board after approval of the President/Executive Committee / Convenor Sports.
(14) Terminate or suspend membership of members who fail to abide by the rules and Bye-Laws of the Club.
(15) To confirm the minutes of the previous meetings after consideration / settlement of any objections that may have arisen.
(16) To invest, lend or borrow money for such terms and rates of interest or otherwise as deemed appropriate.
(17) Debar any visitor or guest from entering the club premises who violates these rules, and Bye-Laws etc.
(18) Any other matter relating to LGG&CC, its members, employees etc. or not covered by these rules and Bye-Laws.
o. Sub Committees. The under mentioned sub committees will be nominated by the Executive Committee from the permanent members each will comprise of a Convenor, members and a secretary. Its proceedings shall be recorded in a minute register and signed by all members, Their duties and powers shall be:¬ -
(1) Tournament Committee
(a) Meet before and after every tournament.
(b) Prepare and conduct the tournament as per rules.
(c) Give pin and tee placing and prepare/mark the course.
(d) Formulate local rules.
(e) Detail and brief the officials for the tournament.
(f) Form a rules and score committee.
(g) Dispose off any protest etc.
(h) Its decision shall be final and binding.,
(j) It shall have 18 walkie-talkies to conduct/control the tournament.
(k) Do any other task for the smooth conduct of the tournament.
(2) Rules Committee
(a) Meet once ever quarter before the Executive Committee meeting.
(b) Review the rules and Bye-Laws and recommend to the Executive Committee any change.
(c) When asked give decisions regarding interpretation of the rules and Bye-Laws and local rules.
(e) Suggest to the Executive Committee new rules for functioning of the Club.
(f) Its decision in this regard shall be final.
(3) Finance Committee
(a) Convenor Sports shall be the convener and Secretary and shall be one of its members.
(b) Review the accounts of the Club from time to time i.e. once every quarter during its meeting.
(c) Find sponsors for tournaments and generate funds for the Club.
(d) To consider and comment on the financial estimates before these are submitted to the Executive Committee.
(e) To fix limits for the total expenditure (recurring as well as non-recurring) for the year on the basis of income and resources of the Club.
(f) To recommend to the Executive Committee to invest, lend or borrow money for such terms and rates of interests etc or as otherwise deemed appropriate.
(g) Do any other thing to raise funds for the Club.
(4) Discipline Committee
(a) Captain of the course will be one of its members.
(b) Will meet once every quarter before the Executive Committee meeting.
(c) Discuss/review all cases of discipline.
(d) Convene emergency meeting when so required.
(e) Suggest means in maintaining discipline in the Club premises to the Executive Committee.
(f) Deal with all in-discipline cases.
(g) Do any other thing relating to discipline.
(5) Membership Committee
(a) Will meet once every quarter or on as required basis.
(b) Consider cases of new membership and give approval on case to case basis.
(c) When cases of fresh membership exceed more than 10, the Assistant Secretary may put up their cases to the Convenor for consideration/approval
(d) Call anyone for interview etc.
(e) Reject membership to any person without giving any reason.
(6) Handicap Committee
(a) Handicap year will be from 01 July to 30 June of the next year.
(b) Will meet after every six months i.e. Dec and June to review/revise the handicap of the Club members.
(c) It shall meet immediately after every tournament, review the results and issue letters to clubs regarding reduction of handicaps of their members who have played under their handicap.
(7) Course Committee
(a) The Captain of the course, green/course superintendent will be its members.
(b) Shall meet during each tournament and will remain in session for that duration.
(c) Get the standard scratch score (SSS) of the course ascertained from the PGF.
(d) It shall have at least one member who is qualified in course rating/layout.
(e) Review the course layout from time to time, prepare drawings, estimated cost and suggest improvements to the Executive Committee.
(f) Supervise the work being done on the course.
(g) Suggest plantation on the course.
(h) Do any other thing for the improvement of the course.
p. Club Secretariat Office. It shall be located in the LGG&CC premises and managed by the Secretary. It shall have clerical and other staff as authorized to it from time to time.
q. Voting. All matters shall he decided by a majority of vote. Not more than one vote will be exercised by a member.
(2) During Meeting. Consensus of the Permanent Members may be required for any purpose during the Annual General, Extraordinary, Executive Committee or the Sub-Committee meetings. Only permanent members are entitled to vote in person and not by proxy. Votes may be taken either by show of hands or by secret allot as may be decided by the quorum of the meeting.
(3) Other Occasions. Other than the meetings, an occasion may arise when the President desires that without requisitioning the Extraordinary General Meetings consensus of the permanent members be obtained for a specific purpose. Under such circumstances the procedure will be:¬ -
(a) Consensus Papers. 20 days prior to the date fixed, a consensus paper shall be sent to each permanent member of the Club. It shall contain the relevant information and the member shall be required to cast his vote on the requirement notified in the consensus paper. Any member who does not cast his vote for the requirement, his ballot shall be treated invalid.
(b) Casting of Votes. Every Permanent member casting his vote shall in person cast his vote in the ballot box kept for that purpose in the Club Secretary’s office. Upon arrival the member shall sign his name in a register to specifically maintain for that purpose. The Club Secretary shall countersign the register against the member’s name. The number of days available to members to cast their votes shall be ten continuous days ending at 1400 hrs. on the eleventh day. On these voting days the timing to cast the votes shall be between 1400 hrs to 1900 hrs.
r. Equal Votes. In case the result is doubtful or equal, the President and the Executive Committee members at the time of the Meeting shall decide the result by ballot.
3. Club Secretary and Administration. The Committee of Management appoints a secretary to the Club for the general administration of the affairs of the Club and to implement of decisions of the Annual General Meeting and the decisions of the Secretary are such as the Chairman may prescribe from time to time in that behalf.
4. Correspondence. All correspondence in connection with the affairs of the Club is to be addressed to:-
a. The Secretary
b. Lahore Garrison Golf and Country Club (LGG&CC) Amjad Chaudhary Road Lahore Cantt
5. Office Timings. The Club office timings are from 08:30 am to 04:30 pm on all working days except Fridays when the Club timings are from 08:30 am to 12:30 pm. These timings are subject to change.
6. Telephones. The telephone numbers of various offices or the Club are:-
a. Secretary (Army)
b. Civil Tel
c. President
d. Chairman/Patron
7. Use of Telephones. Members may use telephone for local calls. Trunk calls are not allowed.
8. Mobile Phones. Use of mobile phone is strictly prohibited inside the Main Building and at the Golf Course. This rule shall remain in force till an amendment is made.
9. Club Facilities. Club offers a wide range of facilities to its Members. Main Building of Club is fully air conditioned having a TV lounge with the sitting capacity of about 30 persons, tastefully decorated Dinning Hall for 30 persons serving Pakistani and continental cuisine. The Club offers to its members almost all major in-door and outdoor sports facilities like Billiards, Cards, Cricket, Golf, Gymnasium, Squash, Swimming and Tennis. A brief description of various facilities and amenities is as under:
a. Golf. One of the best Golf Courses, it remains the venue of many tournaments through out the year including the prestigious Corps Commander Cup.
b. Tennis. The Club has two hard tennis courts. The courts have flood lighting facility where members can play at night.
c. Billiards. The Club has air conditioned Billiards/Snooker room with equipped tables which are provided with adequate lighting system.
d. Card Room. The Club has a Bridge Card Room that remains the focus of many retired officers.
e. Swimming Pool. One Swimming Pool with Sauna and Steam Bath facilities are available along with the services of Coaches and Lifeguards. A separate small pool for children is also available.
f. Squash Courts. The Club has two air-conditioned Courts with glass walls and with spacious seating capacity.
g. Gymnasium. The Club has a fully air-conditioned Gymnasium having latest machinery and exercise tools. Activities of the Gymnasium are supervised by qualified Coaches.
h. Dining Hall. The Club has air-conditioned Dining Hall where Pakistani and Continental cuisine of high standard and quality are served.
i. Front Lawn. The Club has a large lush green lawn at the front of the Main Building where Tombola and musical galore can be held for the enjoyment of the members and their families.

10. Categories of Members. There is a need to revise categories of membership of LGG&CC as under: -
a. Temporary Members
b. Permanent Members
c. Out-Station Members
d. Honorary Members
e. Absentee Members
f. Non-earning Members
g. Corporate Members
h. Veteran Members (over 65years)
(1) Temporary Members
(a) Such persons who are residents of Lahore or Lahore Cantt may be admitted as Temporary Members of the LGG&CC by the Committee.
(b) Temporary Members are entitled to avail all amenities provided by the LGG&CC.
(c) Temporary Members will ordinarily pay in cash for the goods supplied to them. They may, however, sign for these supplies to the extent of the deposit placed by them, which shall not be less than Rs. 500/- at a time.
(d) Their monthly entertainment bill should not exceed Rs 5000/
(2) Permanent Members
(a) All those Temporary Members who are/have been made Permanent by the Committee of Management from time to time.
(b) Temporary Members may, after a period of four years, be admitted as Permanent Members of the LGG&CC. The limit of this number shall be fixed by the General Body on the grounds of good management 80% of the existing vacancies shall be filled on seniority basis and the rest by the COM.
(c) Temporary Members may not be granted Permanent Membership on any of the following grounds:
i. Being a defaulter in payment of dues.
i. Having been involved in any incident or activity considered by COM to be prejudicial to interest of the Club or discipline of the members. This will include any misconduct etc. by the family members or guests of the member concerned.
ii. Having acquired an undesirable reputation.
(d) Member will be entitled to sign, without deposit for the goods purchased by him in the LGG&CC a limit of Rs 5000/- (this limit may be changed by the Committee of Management as deemed appropriate).
(3) Out Station Members
(a) Out-station membership shall not be available to those members who are temporary. It shall also not be admissible to those members who are “Posted” out by the Club. However, Permanent Members, who shift their residence or place of business to an outside station, from the limits of Lahore or Lahore Cantt for a period of six months or more, on application made in that behalf, may be treated as out-station members.
(b) Members shifting their residence outside Lahore are required to inform the Club in writing well in advance of their departure. Their status during the same period shall be “Out-station Member”. On return, the member should inform the Club in writing of their arrival in Lahore so that their membership is made operative. Permanent members when “Out-Station” are also charged reduced monthly subscription. The Temporary Members irrespective of their place of posting/residence will have to pay full monthly subscription.
(4) Honorary members. The Committee may invite any distinguished personage, whether resident in the country or a visitor to Pakistan, to be an Honorary Member of the Club. This will be approved by Patron-in-Chief.
(5) Absentee Members:
(a) Any member going out of the Country for more than one calendar month will be an Absentee Member. Members leaving for overseas are required to inform the Club in writing well in advance of their departure. Their status during the same period shall be “Absentee Member”. On return the members should inform the Club in writing of their arrival in Lahore so that their membership is made operative.
(b) Permanent and Temporary “Absentee” members are charged subscription @ Rs 50%-per month, for the Absentee period.
(6) Non-Earning Members. Children of members between the ages of 18 and 26 may be taken as Non-earning members. Such category of members will be entitled to use only the sports facilities of the Club.
(7) Corporate Members. Public Limited Companies quoted in the Stock Exchange will be eligible to become Corporate Members, upon payment of fees determined by the Committee from time to time. Such membership shall be open only to the Chief Executive or his nominee who should be a member of the Company not below the rank immediately under the Chief Executive.
(8) Member’s Sons
(a) Permanent Member’s sons who apply for the Club membership before termination of their Non-earning Memberships are allowed to avail of the Club facilities even after the age of 26 years till they are interviewed and admitted as members.
(b) Member’s sons who leave the country during the ages of 20-26 for higher education and lose their non-earning membership status will be allowed to avail of the facilities of the Club on their return from overseas; provided:
i. They are not over the age of 27 years.
ii. They pay up their dues of Absentee period.
iii. Apply for the Club Membership under Member’s Children Quota.
(9) Veteran Members. Members with 10 years continuous membership and attaining age of 65 years qualify as veteran. They will not pay monthly subs.
(10) Life Members. Members with 5 years continuous membership and payment of Rs 5 lacs may be admitted as life members. They will not pay subs for their life time.
(11) Proposing / Seconding of New Members. Only permanent members can propose or second a new member. The frequency of such sponsoring / seconding is restricted to a max of 5 members per year for each permanent member.
11. Membership Cards. All members should obtain “LGG&CC Membership Card” for themselves and for their family members. This card serves as an Identity and Credit Card for use in the Club. The card must be produced for following purposes: -
a. When requested by a member of the Club staff or Management at any time in the Club.
b. When signing voucher/s.
c. For identification during Club functions and any sports activity.
12. Members Discipline. The Committee may call upon any member, who fails to comply with any of the Rules, Bye-Laws or directions of the Committee, or who may be guilty of conduct regarded by the Committee as prejudicial to the interests of the LGGC, to show cause as to why such conduct should not be dealt with by the Committee.
a. 1st violation. Suspension of Membership for period depending on the gravity of violation.
b. 2nd Violation. Change of Membership Status from Permanent to Temporary and Temporary to Invitation.
c. 3rd Violation. Termination of Membership with due notice.
d. In case of Violation of Rules by an Invitation / Mess Member his invitation will be straightaway withdrawn.
e. In case of Violation of Rules by a Non-earning Member his Non-earning Membership will be suspended for a period ranging from 3 to 12 months and may also be terminated depending upon the gravity of violation.
13. Cessation of Membership. Members of all categories, including Permanent Members, shall cease to be such upon:
a. Tendering resignation in writing to the Secretary.
b. His or her name having been removed for default.
c. The passing of a resolution by not less than three-fourths of the membership of the Committee of Management excluding him or her from membership.
14. Dress Regulations
a. Kameez / Kurta with Shalwar / Pajama along with Achkan / Sherwani / Waist Coat (Waist Coat must be worn, carrying it on hand or hanging it on the arm or the chair/sofa etc. is not acceptable)
b. Lounge Suit or combination with necktie.
c. Trouser with shirt and necktie. Trouser and bush-shirt or safari suit.
d. Sports shits or any type are not allowed in TV Lounge and Dinning Hall.
e. Shoes or moccasins with socks and chap pal with back strap.
f. Joggers are not allowed.
g. Wearing of Jeans irrespective of the color, is not allowed (the jeans is termed as Denim or Levis trousers with 2 x front/back pockets or on both sides, with the seams and other points of stress reinforced with thick cotton thread/small copper rivets). Golf shirts, without collars are not permitted while playing golf.
h. Dress Regulations of all sports activities as laid down by respective disciplines must be strictly adhered to.
i. Members or their guests not properly dressed would not be allowed to use the Club and would constitute a violation of Club dress regulations.
15. Guests. Out-station guests accompanied by members are allowed in the Club. Local guests residing in Lahore or Lahore Cantonment are not to be introduced as guests or to use the Club facilities. Limit on guests laid by Committee be adhered to. The member introducing a guest will be responsible for his guest’s.
a. Conduct within the Club premises.
b. All charges/expenses incurred by or on behalf of the member.
c. Any loss or damage caused by such guest/s.
16. Servants, Pets & Arms
a. Servants (Male/Female) accompanying children are not allowed inside the LGGCC premises except in the designated area.
b. Dogs and other animals are not allowed into any part of the LGG&CC. A fine fixed by the Committee of Management from time to time will be levied for each infraction of this rule. The amount of fine shall be debited to the members account.
c. Arms irrespective of type and bore are not allowed to be /brought inside the LGG&CC. No escorts / body guards are allowed.
17. Payment of Monthly Bills. Monthly bills are to be paid by 15th of each month following the month to which it relates. Payment may be made in cash or through cheque in the name of Secretary LGG&CC.
18. Vouchers
a. Order Voucher. Order voucher must be signed by the Members at the time of placing an order, clearly indicating their names and Membership number.
b. Credit Voucher. Credit voucher must be signed before leaving the place of service.
c. Cash Voucher. Signing of cash voucher is also mandatory even if the payment is to be made through cash by Affiliated Club members.
19. Parking and Traffic Arrangements
a. Parking of vehicles in the Club premises is entirely at Members Own Risk.
b. Members and their guests shall:
(1) Park their vehicles in designated Club Parking Area and ensure no double parking takes place.
(2) Collect Parking Slip/Card from the security staff before parking their vehicles.
(3) Lock their cars/vehicles properly and apply safety devices such as crook locks etc.
(4) Return the Parking Slip/Card to the Security Staff when leaving the Club premises. Use of E tag stickers/Disabled person’s stickers.
(5) Observe special traffic arrangements on large functions.
(6) Follow the system for calling drivers.
(7) Observe the system regarding movement of drivers.
20. Property. Removal of any club property from the club premises or shifting within the Club area by a member or his guest without proper permission of Club Administration is prohibited. Any member or his guest found responsible for destruction or damage to any article belonging to the club either accidental or willful will be liable to pay the replacement cost of the article broken or damaged as the Committee may determine in each case.
21. Complaints and Suggestions. Complaints and suggestions by the members may be entered in the book kept for the purpose at the club reception or communicated to Secretary in writing. All important matters reported in complaint or suggestion book or received in writing are promptly dealt with.
22. Notice Board and Notices. The club may allow the placement of incumbency boards, and registers of honors, to reflect the contributions of committees and members in their tenure.
23. Recreation / Entertainment. Regular recreational facilities and entertainment activities will be provided and organized at the club.
24. Club Sports Facilities
a. LGGC offers to its members almost all major indoor and outdoor sports facilities like Cards, Billiards, Gymnasium, Squash, Tennis, Swimming, Golf. The club has been the venue of National & International tournaments/matches of various sports activities. Every sports activity is controlled, supervised, organized and maintained by a Captain and Honorary Secretary who are nominated from amongst the Permanent Members by the Committee of Management/Convener Sports Committee. The regulations and rules for the use of each sports activity are prepared by the Convener Sports Committee and approved by the Committee of Management and displayed at the respective notice boards.
b. A member of his family member who once registers himself/herself at any sports activity continues to be charged on monthly basis until the member / family member gets his / her name deleted from that particular sports register. Non-members / out-station guests are allowed to use the sports facilities as per prescribed rules against cash payment.
c. The current Rules and Regulations and rates of monthly subscriptions concerning various sports activities are available with the respective Captain/Honorary Secretary/Manager and are also displayed prominently on the Notice Boards. The general Rules governing various sports activities currently in-force are given.
• No smoking in Billiard Room.
• No telephone calls by youngsters in Billiards Room.
• Non-earning and members’ children are not allowed in Billiard Room after 04:00pm.
• Children under 12 years of age are not allowed in the Billiard Room.
• For the benefit of all members they are requested to accompany their guests in the snooker room.
Guests would only be allowed to play a game if the tables are free or if members wish to play with the guests.
Timings: (Subject to change)
a. For Non-Earning and Boys (Guests not allowed)
11:00 am to 04:00 pm
b. For Members 11:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Note: In all cases, proper Membership Card should be carried to be shown on request by the Markers. Playing is not allowed unless marker has established the identity of the player.

• Don’t move, talk or stand close to a player making a stroke.
• Don’t play until the group in front is out of the way.
• Always play without delay. Leave the putting green as soon as all players in your group have holed out.
• Invite faster groups to play through.
• Don’t step on the line of another player’s putt.
• Don’t drop clubs on the putting green or lean on your putter.
• Replace the flagstick carefully.
• Before leaving a bunker, a player should carefully fill-up and smooth rake all holes and footprints made by him.
• On the green, a player should ensure that any turf cut or displaced by him is replaced at once and pressed down and that any damage to the putting green made by a ball is carefully repaired.
• Damage to the putting green caused by golf shoe spikes should be repaired on completion of the hole.
• In taking practice swings, players should avoid causing damage to the course, particularly the tees, by removing divots.
Dress Code
The following items of clothing are not allowed on the golf course:
• Any type of Denim.
• Shirt without collar.
• Track suits.
• Beach shorts, Athletic shorts (only proper golf shorts will be allowed)
• No Shalwar Kameez including caddies.
Note: Children up to the age of 12 years are exempted. Priority on Course
• Only 4 Ball is allowed on Course that means maximum of players / 4 bags. 2 Ball foursome/alternate shots are not permitted, however at morning time a maximum of 3 Ball six-some is permitted. 2 x players with one bag are not permitted.
• A 4 Ball has priority on the Course, however, a through should be allowed to a 2 ball / 3 ball if the green in front is vacant.
• Practice shots during play are not allowed. Handicap Except for lady golfers, no player with a handicap of 18 or above is allowed to play on the golf course after 12:00 noon.
Green fee: (Subject to change). Non-members / foreigners desirous of practicing and playing on course will pay a green fee as follows:
• Members of any Golf Club affiliated with PGF Rs
• Non members (including juniors) Rs.
• Foreigners Rs.
• Non members are requested to pay their green fee before start of game / practice and obtain proper receipt from the green fee uncharged on duty. Practice Charges: (only on the Practice Range)
• Members of any Golf Club affiliated with PGF Rs.
• Non Members including Juniors) Rs. 1
• Foreigners Rs. 250/-.
Caddies Wages
Caddie: For 18 Holes Rs.
For 09 Holes Rs.
Ball Boy for 18 Holes Rs.
For 09 Holes Rs. * Equally shared by all playing in the flight.

• Guests/Non Members are not permitted in the Gymnasium.
• Proper sports dress/track suit with joggers shall be worn. No shoes other than joggers are permitted.
• Treadmill machines to be used for half an hour followed by 15 minutes rest.
• Special instructions on the use of treadmill machines are to be observed.
• No eatables and meals are allowed in the Gymnasium.
• Weights, Dumbbell’s & Rods etc, after use, are placed on Stand/Racks from where the same are picked.
• Members using Gymnasium must carry membership identity card. The Coaches / IN charge are required to check identity and to ensure its proper entry in the monthly subscription register.
Courts. Courts have been designated as Courts # 1 & 2 Timings: (Subject to Change)
Winter Morning Evening
Courts# 1 6 to 9 PM 2 to 8 PM
Courts# 2 6 to 9 PM 2 to 8 PM
• Winter timings effective from 16th October each year.
• Summer timings effective from 16th April each year.
• Members and accompanying guests on payment as decided by the Committee are allowed the use of Swimming Pool.
• Swimming Pool timings are displayed on the Notice boards and shall be strictly observed.
• Children below the age of 7 years must be accompanied by parents or an elderly member of the family who would be responsible for the safety of the child. Children below the age of 4 years are not allowed in the Main Pool. Parents are requested to advise their children to conduct themselves in an orderly manner while swimming and within the pool area.
• All those using the Swimming Pool are to conduct themselves in an orderly manner while swimming and within the Pool area.
• Maid servants are not allowed within the swimming pool area and in front of the entrance of the pool.
• Carrying of any arms in not allowed.
• Life guards are generally made available during swimming hours yet all the members and their families will use the swimming pool entirely at their own risk and responsibility.
• The Club takes no responsibility whatsoever for valuables or clothing items leftover. Valuables like watches, wallets, etc may be deposited with the attendant at the pool at owner’s risk.
• Appropriate swimming attire must be worn. In case of long hair wearing of bathing cap is mandatory.
• No food items other than the ones supplies at the swimming pool snack bar be brought / consumed. Eating inside the pool is forbidden. Entire pool area is smoking free area.
• The showers / footpath must be used every time before entering the pool.
• Spitting, spouting water, blowing the nose or discharging bodily waste in the pool is strictly prohibited.
• Pets are not permitted in the swimming pool area.
• No towels are provided at the pool showers.
• No sports equipment / toys other than recognized pool equipment is to be used within the swimming pool area.
• Water polo and other activities causing disturbance to the swimmers in the pool are prohibited.
• For safety of children running on the pool apron or pushing each other in the pool is forbidden. Shouting and unnecessary noise should also be avoided.
• Use of transistor radio / tape recorders in the pool area is not allowed.
• No booking of court is allowed.
• If two members are sitting outside, no singles will be allowed to be played.
• Members should wear proper tennis clothes and shoes. No one will be allowed to play tennis in Jeans or other than Tennis shoes.
• Members, who leave behind their tennis racquets / balls with the tennis staff, do so at their own risk. Tennis Club or the tennis staff will not be responsible for any damage or loss.
• Members have preference over members’ children and non earning members on the hard courts.
• No function of the Club will be allowed to be held on tennis playing ground.
• Abusing / manhandling of ball boys will result in strict disciplinary action.
• Members and their children are not allowed to bring eatables on the hard courts.
• Members or their children found damaging tennis equipment / accessories will render themselves for strict disciplinary action. 


1. The following rules and regulations are set up for the health, welfare and safety of all members. They have been established to assure safe and sanitary operation and use of the pool facility. The primary purpose of the pool and these rules and regulations are to provide enjoyable recreation for the members of Gymkhana Swimming Pool. Failure to comply with any of the rules may be considered sufficient cause for immediate removal from the pool facility.
2. The pool committee is responsible for the maintenance, order and cleanliness around the pool area. They will be in full charge of the pool at all times. They are responsible for supervision of their staff and for the proper enforcement of the rules and regulations promulgated herein.
3. Parents are requested to caution their children to observe all rules and obey the instructions of the pool manager and other pool employees. Children and adults shall be expected to show them proper respect and cooperation at all times. The staff shall take such action as deemed necessary for the safe and orderly operation of the pool facility. The committee shall have the authority to suspend pool privileges for any period as deemed appropriate. Members having grievances and complaints are requested to refer them in writing to the Pool Management Committee.
4. Open daily from 0600-2100 hrs (There will be cleaning break from 12-1 PM).Pools can also be closed once a month on alternate basis.
5. Changing and Locker Facilities
a. Changing room facilities are available to users of the swimming pool. Users should change in the appropriate changing room.
b. Users are required to assist in maintaining the changing facilities clean and tidy.
c. Users are advised not to leave valuables and personal belongings unattended in the changing room.
d. Users must not leave their belongings inside the lockers or changing room overnight. Any item found in the lockers and the changing rooms will be collected and disposed of by the management on a daily basis.
e. No permanent lockers will be allotted to any member. It will be on First Come First Serve basis
6. Desirable Behavior in Using the Pool
a. Users should be dressed in appropriate swimming attire in the pool area.
b. For hygiene purpose, users must use the footbath and the shower before entering the pool area.
c. No other footwear, apart from clean and unsoiled rubber sandals should enter the pool area. For cleaning purpose, the footwear must be washed in the footbath before entering the pool area.
d. Swimmers with shoulder length or long hair must wear swimming caps while using the swimming pool. (This is to avoid blockage of the filtration plant by loose long hair).
e. Glassware is not allowed in the pool and the pool area. Swimmers should not wear breakable spectacles while using the swimming pool.
f. Spitting and urinating are prohibited in the swimming pool.
g. No food and / or drink will be permitted in any part of the swimming pool.
h. Smoking will not be permitted in the swimming pool except designate areas.
i. Games are not allowed in the pool and the pool area unless supervised by a coach.
j. Diving is only allowed at the designated area and time. While using the diving board, only one person dive from the board at a time. To be regulated by coach. Timing would be notified subsequently.
k. Except kickboards and inflatable armbands, use of other inflatable or swimming aids are not permitted in the swimming pool.
l. In case of misconduct or any action inconsistent with the regulations governing the use of the swimming pool, or where the premises are being misused, staff will have the authority to have the offender removed from the premises, and / or to refer the offender to the appropriate authority for disciplinary action as deemed appropriate.
7. Injuries and Accidents
a. Users participate in activities at their own risk and the management will accept no responsibility or liability arising from the use of the swimming pool.
b. First aid equipment is available at the reception. All injuries / accidents should be reported to the duty life guard immediately.
8. Guest Policy. Members may bring guests when making use of the swimming pool. The following conditions should be observed: -
a. Guests must be accompanied by the member concerned at admission and when using the pool at all times.
b. Guests of age 17 or under must be accompanied by an adult user.
c. Guest charges must be paid at admission and receipt obtained.
d. A maximum of four paying guests may be brought during a month by a regular / permanent member.
e. Non-earning / invitation members are prohibited to bring guests.
9. Swimming Pool Hygiene, Rules and Management Suggestions
a. Committee
(1) Captain Should all be proficient swimmers well conversant with rules etc.
(2) Hony Secy
(3) Vice Captain Manager
Diving Coach
b. Important Rules being Flouted
(1) Cut off jeans, bermudas being worn by members.
(2) Swimming caps not being worn by girls.
(3) No foot basins at the corners for washing feet.
(4) SHOWER BEFORE ENTERING board be prominently displayed.
(5) Chiller / ice blocks to lower temp of pool during summer.
(6) Foot boards in dressing room need to be made.
(7) All showers need to be replaced. Water pressure is inadequate. Bathrooms need to be refurbished.
(8) No spittoons, drain near pool for spitting by members.
(9) Life gds, roster / charter of duties not being maintained.
(10) Round the clock duty of life guard on deck chair to be ensured for safety.
(11) Life guard to be provided following: -
(a) Megaphone.
(b) Whistle.
(c) Bell.
(12) No life jackets, white tubes with hook available as legally required.
(13) For lap swimming lanes / times designated. During rush hours lane sharing in counter clockwise direction.
(14) Coaching timing to be specified.
(15) Rotation of staff at pool on annual basis.
(16) Non earning members / wards not allowed to bring guests.
(17) Guest policy be specified to a max of 4 guests per month.
(18) Smoking areas be designated.
(19) Safety Equipment to be Aval
(a) Life Ring
(b) Rope
(c) Pool Hook
(d) White Tube
(20) Members to furnish medical certificate about skin infection etc.
(21) Slippers to be placed in changing room. No movement barefoot.
(22) Diving board to be fitted. Diving to be supervised by life guard.
(23) Lockers in changing room creating congestion. They should be transferred to golf club. Hooks and benches should be made to create more space. Present size of changing room inadequate.
(24) Maids / batman should not be allowed inside pool.
 Never swim alone and when possible swim in areas supervised by lifeguards. 
 A responsible adult whenever around the water must supervise children. Mothers should not engross in conversation and must ensure close supervision. 
Obey posted safety rules. 
 Stay out of the water during thunderstorms.
 If lightning starts, get out of the water and seek shelter away from metal objects, large trees and open areas.
 Check water depth before diving-jump in feet first if you are not sure how deep the water is. Never dive into an above ground pool. 
 When diving, always enter the water with your arms extended over your head and your hands together to protect your head. 
 Slide feet first to avoid the risk of your head hitting the bottom of the pool.
 Inflatable toys and floats should be used with caution.
 CPR qualified persons should be available.
 Oxygen and first Aid Kit be available.
 Fire extinguishers should be operative &refilled
 No running, showing, pushing or horseplay.
 No diving except in the deep end where marked.
 No running down ramp or playing on the railings,
 No rough play.
 No gum in pool area.
 No flippers.
 No snorkels.
 No flotation devices.
 A responsible person must accompany children under 7 years of age.
 No food in pool area.
 No glass containers of any kind.
 No one allowed on guard chairs except lifeguards.
 No talking to life guards on duty.
 No children over 5 years of age allowed in main pool.
 No smoking in the pool except at assigned places.
 Pool may close at any time without warning due to water quality, inclement weather or lighting.
 Children wearing diapers should have proper swim diapers.
 Diapers are not to be changed at poolside.
 If you or a child has had diarrhea with in the past 72 hours, please do not use pool. Please think of the safety and health of the other members.
 All no-toilet trained persons must wear swimwear diapers.
 Use sandals to avoid foot fungal infection in public toilets. 



1. COMMITTEE MEETING. The Executive Committee shall meet once every quarter i.e. March June, September and December to transact necessary business, deal with accounts and consider suggestions of various sub-committees.
2. SUB COMMITTEES. Must meet once every quarter before the Executive Committee with its cases.
3. DISCIPLINE. The Honorary / Assistant Secretary has authority to expel/request any person to leave the Club premises who in his opinion is guilty of : -
a. Violating the rules, bye-laws, local rules and notices etc.
b. Unworthy of the character of a members.
c. Causing annoyance to other members.
d. Moral turpitude
e. Undesirable conduct or conduct unbecoming of a gentlemen.
f. As a result of decisions of the committee.
4. DRESS. Members should be properly attired in the Club premises. Jeans, track suits, athletic shorts and round collar shirts are not allowed on the golf course.
5. CARE OF THE COURSE. A player must himself or through his caddy ensure: -
a. Before leaving a bunker, all holes and footprints made by him are carefully repaired filled and smoothed.
b. Through the green, any divot, turf cut removed or displaced by him is replaced / filled at once and pressed down.
c. Any damage to the putting green made by a ball and spikes is carefully repaired.
d. Bag and golf trolleys are not brought on to the greens.
e. The putting hole is not damaged while retrieving a ball or while handling the flagstick.
f. Replace the flag stick in the putting hole before leaving the green.
g. In taking practice swings, shall avoid causing damage to the course, particularly on the tees by removing divot. Any damage caused by such action must be repaired.
h. Use of dust bins and not to litter the course.
a. Safety. Prior to playing a stroke making a practice swing a player should ensure that no one is standing close by or is in a position to be hit by the Club, the ball or any stones, pebbles, twigs or the like wise when moved by the stroke or swing.
b. Consideration for other Players.
(1) The Player who has the honor should be allowed to play before his opponent or fellow-competitor tees his ball.
(2) No one should move, talk or stand close to or directly behind the ball or the hole when the player is addressing the ball or making a stroke.
(3) No player should play until players in front are out of range.
(4) In the interest of all, players should play without delay and keep pace with the flow of the game.
(5) Players searching for a ball should signal the players behind them to pass as soon as it becomes apparent that the ball will not easily be found. They should not search for five minutes before doing so. They should not continue play until the players following them have passed and are out of range.
(6) Players should immediately leave the putting green after completing the hole.
c Every player shall play with his own golf kit. Sharing of golf kit of other members is not allowed during play.
d. Maximum 4 players can play in a flight.
7. FORMAT OF PLAY AND TIMINGS. Format of match and timing as displayed on the notice board must be followed. Groups playing a full round must tee-off so as to be on the right tee i.e. 1 or 10 during the time restriction.
a. Two-ball match play shall have precedence over and be entitled to pass any three or four ball which should invite them on the course.
b. A single ball has no standing and is not allowed on the main course during the peak hours.
c. Any match playing a whole round is entitled to pass a match playing a shorter round. Such flights for convenience of others must conform to format of play so as to be on the right tee during time restriction period. Starter to regulate.
d. If a match fails to keep its pace on the course and loses more than one clear hole on the players in front it should invite the match following to pass.
a. Priority of initial tee-off is on First come First play basis.
b. The first complete flight/group on the tee has the right to tee-off first.
c. Ball for tee-off turn can only’ is placed by the members provided the entire group is present on the tee.
d. Any match playing a full round will be given priority over any other match only after completion of  9 holes and provided all the players of that group are on the tee to exercise their priority. A group, which has already teed off before arrival of such match will retain its priority.
e. If groups playing a full round come in succession and it is likely that groups playing a shorter round have to continue giving pass in such case tee off priority will be; one group playing full round followed by a group playing a shorter round and in that order.
f. If flight of 2 or 3 balls, after completing 9 holes makes a flights of 4 ball to play the next 9 holes such flight will not be entitled to Through on Priority’. Instead they will tee off in the order of waiting flights formed on that tee
10. RULES FOR JUNIORS. Junior will imply age between 10 to 18 years.
a. Children under the age of 10 years are not allowed on the golf course.
b. Juniors can however play upto 1400 hours and after 1730 hours or as notified on the notice board. Juniors having handicap of 12 and below are exempt from this rule.
c. Children are not allowed to smoke cigarettes etc when on the golf course premises.
a. All caddies and ball boys will be registered with the club and issued club passes for security/identification purposes.
b. No Caddie / Ball Boy will involve himself in sale I purchase of golf balls, golf club etc. to any one.
c. Caddies / Ball Boys will be detailed strictly on first come first basis by the Caddies Master
d. Permanent caddies to members may give their names to the caddie’s master and wait for their member. In case the member does not turn up at the intimated time, such caddies will loose their turn and will be placed last on the waiting list at that time.
e. No Club Caddy/Ball Boy will be engaged unless the member is in the Club premises.
f. In competitions, competitors have a prior right to club caddies over non-competitors.
g. All caddies will wear dress as prescribed by the club administration.
h. Caddies will carry tee/ball mark repair instrument for repair.
i. Caddies will carry Sand/mud in bags to fill up divots etc.
j. Other than the locker room, caddies are not allowed in the, club house premises. They will confine themselves to the caddie’s complex until detailed to go with the member on the golf course or the practice range.
k. Caddies in violation of the rules/bye-laws will be expelled as deemed appropriate by OIC.
l. Services of the caddies and ball boys are to be paid by the individuals hiring them at the rates fixed by the club administration from time to time.
m. Caddies may play on days notified by the up to 1200 hours. In case holiday falls on any of these days they may play on the next day. During their play they will fill all divots on the course and repair ball marks on the green.
n. No caddy/pro will play in jeans. Dress code will be strictly followed.
a. Shall comprise of individuals as notified on the club notice board and issued with professional cards.
b. They may play in the morning upto 1300 hours on all days of the week except on weekends, a day prior to it and national holidays.
c. They will be exempted from membership/green fee.
d. During the course of their game they will ensure repair of damages to the course i.e. divot, ball marks etc.
e. Will conform to the dress regulations and bye-laws.
f. Except for the locker room, they are not allowed in the club house or its lawn.
g. May be employed as Marshals/Referees during tournaments.
a. With the exception of locker rooms members are not allowed to go around the Club house with spiked shoes.
b. Lady members are not allowed to wear narrow heeled footwear on the golf course/greens.
c. Bath room slippers are not allowed in the Club house and lawn premises.
d. Only golf shoes or rubber studded / soft soles joggers are allowed on the golf course.
14. PURCHASES. Purchases by members of golf ball club or anything from caddies or unauthorized persons is not allowed.
15. HANDICAPS. All handicaps are liable to change from time to time at the discretion of the committee. To attain a lower handicap an attested score card by at least two members playing in the same group must be put up for consideration. The maximum handicap for ladies and juniors shall be 36 (thirty-six) and for gentleman 18 (eighteen) to play on the main course any member not having attained the above handicap and not cleared by the Assistant Secretary/Course Coach will not be permitted to use the golf links.
16. SECURITY. For the purpose of security, all members’ caddies and staff in the club or on the golf course must carry their membership cards and display golf bag tags.
17. DOGS AND PETS. Dogs and other pets are not allowed in the Club premises.
18. DAMAGE TO CLUB PROPERTY. Any member, employee or caddies causing damage to club. Property due to negligence, willful intent of disorderly conduct will be required to pay its full cost plus 50% fine. If the damage is due to accident he shall be required to pay its replacement cost only.
19. REMOVAL OF CLUB PROPERTY. Under no circumstances club property shall be removed from the Club premises, except for when requiring repairs. A proper out pass will be issued by the Assistant Secretary to the individual carrying the item/items and note of it shall be made in the in/out register. Defaulters will be severely dealt with
20. SPEECHES. No public/political/religious speeches shall be allowed in the Club premises.
21. MEETINGS. No public/political/religious meetings shall be allowed in the Club premises.
22. GAMBLING. All forms of gambling is strictly prohibited in the club,
23. ENTERTAINMENT. Members/organization may entertain guests in the Club House. They will refrain from making arrangements on the golf course; all such expenditure will be borne by the individual/organization. This does not apply to arranging of golf tournaments/matches for which advance notice of one month is required.
24. DRIVERS. Drivers of members are not allowed in the club house, its lawn or the golf course. They will restrict themselves to the, car park or the caddie’s complex. Members will be responsible for the conduct of their drivers.
25. ADDRESSES. Members are responsible to give their accurate addresses and any change thereof. In case the member fails to receive correspondence from the club on the given address, the responsibility tots all consequences ‘occurring due to non receipt of correspondence shall be that of the members.
1. PRO SHOP. The Club has a Pro Shop and items of golf can be purchased from it against cash payment only. A limit number of golf sets are also available on rent. The charges will be fixed and displayed by the committee.
2. PRACTICE RANGE/SIMULATOR. The facilities of a 300 yards practice range and coaching are also available. Members/non members can make use of it and use their own practice balls till such time on range arrangements are made. The rates will be reviewed from time to time.
a. Practice Range (Non Members). As specified.
b. Coaching/Golf Lessons. Charges will be as fixed by the committee from time to time.
c. Practice Ball. Price for 30 and 60 ball bucket will be fixed and displayed by the’ committee.
d. Simulated Range As specified by PGA.
3. CADDIES. Caddies and fore-caddies are available and can be engaged. They will be paid caddies fee by the player hiring them as fixed by the committee and displayed.
4. BOOKING OF LAWNS. Members may book the main hall / for functions and parties etc. through the Honorary/Assistant Secretary. Charges (to be revised periodically) will be as under:-
a. Timings. Night 1800-2300 hours
b. Rates. Booking of Lawns as specified
c. Other Expenses. As given in the lawn booking forms
5. LOCKERS. Lockers are available on payment of Rs 100/- per month (to be revised periodically) to members on first come first serve basis. Members will themselves be responsible for the security of lockers and their equipment. Any damages/replacements of locks etc. will be made good by the locker holder.
6. SNACK BAR. Facilities of snacks etc. are available to members in the main club building. Members may entertain guests. Payment will be made through credit chits or coupon and cash payment.
7. INTERPRETATION OF ARTICLES- OF THE RULES & BYE-LAWS. The interpretation of the articles of these rules and Bye-laws by the Executive Committee shall be final and binding.
8. AMENDMENTS. The General Body on the recommendations of the Executive Committee of the Club and the rules sub-committee shall have powers to alter, add or delete any of the existing rules etc. as they may consider necessary. These amendments will only be admissible provided two third of those voting shall be in favour of any such proposed alteration, addition or deletion.
a. ‘The Amateur Status Committee of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club has the task! in cooperation with other bodies around the world, of maintaining the strength of Amateur golf so that it can be enjoyed by participants at all level, and kept as free as possible of the abuses which can come in the wake of uncontrolled sponsorship and financial incentive. It is necessary to safeguard Amateur golf so that it may be fully. enjoyed at Club and international level alike by people who play golf for pleasure and not for profit.
b. Amateur golf has -two features it does not share with most other games It is played by individuals largely on their own and it has a handicapping system. The Amateur Status Committee believes that financial incentive in golf could give rise to abuse of the rules both in play and in artificial nursing’ of handicaps, that the game would- thereby become the poorer and that much enjoyment and camaraderie would be lost”
c. This extract from the publication Decisions on the Rules of Amateur Status January 2000 ~explains golf’s strict Amateur Code. These rules are designed to assist all Amateur golfers to conduct themselves in a-manner so as to avoid any inadvertent breach of the Amateur Status Code. it contains complete - Rules of Amateur Status and concentrates on Particular relevance to the two broad categories of Amateur golfers - the “ordinary handicap” golfer and the “low handicap” golfers.
RULE - 1
DEFINITIONS. An Amateur golfer is one who plays the game as a non-remunerative and non-profit-making sport and who does not receive remuneration for teaching golf or for other activities because of golf skill or reputation, except as provided in the Rules. The term Rule or Rules refers to the rules of Amateur Status as determined by the governing Body.
1-1 General. An Amateur golfer must play the game and conduct himself in accordance with the rules.
1.2. Amateur Status. Amateur Status is a universal condition of eligibility for playing in golf competitions as an Amateur golfer. A person who acts contrary to the Rules may forfeit his status as an Amateur golfer and as a result will be ineligible to play in Amateur competitions.
1.3 Purpose and Spirit of the Rules The purpose and spirit of the rules is to maintain the distinction between Amateur golf and Professional golf and keep the Amateur game as free as possible from the abuses which may follow from uncontrolled sponsorship and financial incentive. It is considered necessary to safeguard Amateur golf, which is largely self-regulating with regard to the rules of play and handicapping, so that it may be fully enjoyed by all Amateur golfers.
1.4 Doubts as to Rules. Any person who wishes to be an Amateur golfer and who is in doubt as to whether taking a proposed course of action is permitted under the Rules should consult the Governing Body. Any organizer or sponsor of Amateur golf competition or a competition involving competition involving Amateur golfer, who is in doubt as to whether a proposal is in accordance with the Rules, should consult the Governing Body.
2-1 General. An Amateur golfer must not take any action for the purpose of becoming a Professional golfer, including entering into an agreement, written or oral, with a sponsor or Professional agent.
Note: An Amateur golfer may enquire as to his likely prospects as a Professional and he may work in a Professional’s shop and receive a salary, provided he does not infringe the Rules in any other way.
2.2 Professional Golfer’s Association. An amateur golfer must not hold or retain membership of any Professional golfers’ Association.
2.3 Professional Tournament Players. An Amateur golfer must not file an application to a final or sole qualifying competition for a Professional Tour.
Note: If an Amateur golfer must pre-qualify for a final qualifying competition, he may enter such a pre-qualifying competition without forfeiting his Amateur Status
Governing Body The Governing Body for the Rules of Amateur Status in the country is the Pakistan Golf Federation.
Prize Voucher A prize voucher is a voucher issued by’ the Committee in charge of a competition for the purchase of goods from a Professional’s shop or other retail source. Retail Value. The retail value of a prize is the normal recommended selling price at which merchandise is available to anyone at a retail source.
Symbolic Prize. A symbolic prize is a trophy made of gold, silver, ceramic, glass or the like which is permanently and distinctively engraved.
Testimonial Award. A testimonial award’ relates to notable performances or contributions to golf as award may not be a monetary award.
3-1. Playing for Prize Money. An amateur golfer must not play golf for prize money.
3-2. Prize Limits
a. General. An Amateur golfer must not accept a prize (other than a symbolic prize), or prize voucher of retail value in excess of the prescribed limit. These limits apply’ to the total prizes or prize vouchers received by . an amateur golfer in .any one competition or series of competitions, excluding any hole-in-one prize.
In Europe £ 300 or the equivalent
Elsewhere $US 500 or the equivalent. or
such lesser figure as may be decided by the Governing Body.

b. Hole-in-one Prize. The limits prescribed in Rule 3-2a apply to a prize to a hole-in-one. However, such a prize may be accepted in addition to any other prize won in the same competition.
c. Exchanging Prizes. An Amateur golfer must not exchange a prize or prize voucher for cash. Exception: An Amateur golfer may submit a prize voucher to a national or county union that voucher for expenses incurred in participating in a golf competition, provided the reimbursement of such expenses is permitted under Rule 4-2.
Note 1: The onus of proving the retail value of a particular prize rests with the Committee in charge of the competition.
Note 2: It is recommended that the total value of scratch prizes, or each division of handicap prizes, should not exceed twice the prescribed limit in an 18-hole competition, three times in a 36-hole competition, four times in a 54-hole competition and five times in a 72-hole competition.
3-3. Testimonial Awards
a. General. An Amateur golfer must not accept a testimonial award of retail value in ‘excess of the limits prescribed in Rule 3-2a.
b. Multiple Awards. An Amateur golfer may accept more than one testimonial award from different donors, even though their total retail value exceeds the prescribed limit, provided they are not presented so as to evade the limit for single award.
RULE - 4
Governing Body. The Governing Body for the Rules of Amateur Status in the country is the Pakistan Golf Federation
Junior Golfer. A junior golfer is an Amateur golfer who has not reached his 18th birthday in the year prior to the event.
4-1 General. Except as provided in the. Rules, an Amateur golfer must not accept expenses, in money or otherwise from any source to play in a golf competition or exhibition. 4-2.n Receipt of Expenses. An Amateur golfer may receive expenses not exceeding the actual expenses incurred, to play in a golf competition or exhibition as follows:-
a. Family Support. An amateur golfer may receive expenses from a member of his family or a legal guardian.
b. Junior Golfers. A junior golfer may receive expenses when competing in a competition limited exclusively to junior golfers.
c. Team Events
(1) An Amateur golfer, who is representing his Country Province or club (or similar body) in a team competition or at a training camp may receive expenses; and
(2) An Amateur golfer, who is representing his country by taking part in a national championship abroad immediately before or after an international team competition may receive expenses. The expenses must be paid by the body he represents or the body controlling golf in the country he is visiting.
d. Individual Events. An Amateur golfer may receive expenses when competing in individual events provided he complies with the following provisions: -
(1) The player must be nominated to play in the competition by either his club, county or national union.
(2) Where the competition is to take place in the player’s own country and the nomination has been made by a club or county union, the approval of the national union, or the county union in the area in which the competition is to be staged, must first be obtained.
(3) Where the competition is to take place in another country, the approval of the national union of the country in which the competition is to be staged and, if the nominating body is not the national union of the country from which the nomination is made, the approval of the national union must first be obtained by the nominating, body.
(4) The expenses must be paid only by the national union or county union responsible in the area from which the nomination is made or, subject to the approval of the nominating body, by the body controlling golf in the territory he is visiting.
(5) The expenses must be limited to a specific number of competitive days in any one calendar year as may be determined by the Governing Body in the country from which the nominations is made. The expenses are deemed to include reasonable travelling time and practice days in connection with the competitive days.
e. Celebrities, Business associates, etc. An Amateur golfer who is invited to take part in a competition for reasons unrelated to golf skill may receive expenses.
f. Exhibitions. An Amateur golfer who is participating in an exhibition in aid of a recognized charity may receive expenses, provided that the exhibitions not run in connection with another golfing event.
g. Sponsored Handicap Competitions. An Amateur golfer may receive expenses when competing in a sponsored handicap competition, provided the competition has been approved as follows:
(1) Where the competition is to take place in the player’s own country, the annual approval of the governing body must first by obtaining in advance by the sponsor: and
(2) Where the competition is to take place in more than one country or involves golfers from another country, the approval of the two or more Governing Bodies must first be obtained in advance by the sponsor.
The application for this approval should be sent to the Governing Body in the country where the competition commences.
Instruction. Covers teaching the physical aspects of playing golf i.e. the actual mechanics of swinging a golf club and hitting a golf ball.
Junior Golfer. Is an amateur golfer who has not reached his 18th birthday in the year prior to the event?
5-1. General. Except as provided in the Rules, an Amateur golfer must not receive payment or compensation for giving instruction in playing golf.
5-2. Where Payment Permitted
a. Schools, Colleges, etc. An Amateur golfer, who is an employee of an educational institution or system, may receive payment or compensation for golf instruction to students of the institution or system, provided that during a year the total time devoted to golf instruction comprises less than 50 percent of the time spent in the performance of all duties such an employee.
b. Junior Golfers. An Amateur golfer may receive expenses, not exceeding the actual expenses incurred, for giving golf instruction to junior golfers as part of a programed which has been approved in advance by the Governing Body.
5-3 Instruction in Writing. An Amateur golfer may receive payment or compensation for instruction in writing provided his ability or reputation as a golfer was not a major factor In his employment or in the commission or sale of his work.
Note: Instruction does not cover the many psychological aspects of the game or the Rules or Etiquette of Golf.
Golf Skill or Reputation. Generally, an Amateur golfer is only considered to have golf skill if he has gained representative honors at local or national level Golf reputation can only be gained through golf skill and’ does not include prominence for service to the game of golf as an administrator. It is a matter for a Governing Body to decide whether a particular Amateur golfer has golf skill or reputation. Governing Body The Governing Body for the Rules of Amateur Status in the country is the Pakistan Golf Federation.
6-1. General. Except as provided in the Rules, an Amateur golfer of golf skill or-reputation must not use that skill or reputation to promote, advertise ci. Sell anything or for any financial gain.
6-2. Lending Name or Likeness. An Amateur golfer of golf skill or reputation must not use that skill or reputation to obtain payment, - compensation, personal benefit or any financial gain for allowing his name or likeness to be used for the advertisement or sale of anything. Note: An Amateur golfer may accept equipment from anyone dealing in such equipment provided no advertising is involved.
6.3 Personal Appearance. An Amateur golfer of golf skill or reputation must not use that skill or reputation to obtain payment, compensation, personal benefit or any financial gain for a personal appearance.
Exception: An Amateur golfer may receive actual expenses in connection with a personal appearance provided no golf competition or exhibition is involved.
6-4. Broadcasting and Writing. An Amateur golfer of golf skill or reputation must not use that skill or reputation to obtain payment, compensation, personal benefit or any financial gain for broadcasting concerning golf or writing golf articles or books.
Exception: An amateur golfer may receive payment, compensation, personal benefit or any financial gain from broadcasting or writing provided: -
a. The player is actually the author of the commentary, article or books; and
b. Instruction in playing golf is not included.
Amateur Golfer. Is one who plays the game as a non-remunerative and non-profit making sport and who does not receive remuneration for teaching golf or for other activities because of golf skill or reputation, except as provided in the Rules? Rule The term Rule or Rules refers to the Rules of Amateur Status as determined by the Governing Body.
7.1 Conduct Detrimental to Golf: An Amateur golfer must not act in a manner, which is considered detrimental to the best interests of the game.
7.2 Conduct Contrary to the Purpose and Spirit of the Rules. An Amateur golfer must lot take any action, including actions relating to golf gambling, which is contrary to the purpose and spirit of the Rules.
The Committee is the appropriate Committee of the Governing Body.
The Governing Body for the rules of Amateur Status in the country is Pakistan Golf Federation.
8-1. Decision on a Breach. If a possible breach of the Rules by a person claiming to be an Amateur golfer comes to the attention of the Committee, it is a matter for the Committee to decide whether a breach has occurred. Each case will be investigated to the extent deemed appropriate by the Committee and considered on its merits. The decision of the Committee shall be final, subject to an Appeal as provided in these Rules.
8.2 Enforcement. Upon a decision that a person has breached the rules, the Committee may declare the Amateur Status of the person forfeited or require the- person to refrain or desist from specified actions as a condition of retaining his Amateur Status. The Committee must use its best endeavors to ensure that the person is notified and may notify any interested golf union of any action taken under Rule 8-2.
8-3. Appeals Procedure. A person affected by a decision made by the Amateur Status Committee of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews in respect of the enforcement of these Rules, may raise an appeal of that decision with the Amateur Status Appeals Committee of the Pakistan Golf Federation.
Note: Each Governing Body should put in place a procedure whereby any decision in respect of forfeiture of Amateur Status may be appealed by the person affected by such decision.
The Committee is the appropriate Committee of the Governing Body. The Governing Body for the Rules of Amateur Status in the country is the Pakistan Golf Federation.
9.1. General. The committee has sole power to reinstate a person to Amateur Status or to deny reinstatement, subject to an Appeal as provided in these Rules. Each application for reinstatement shall be considered on its merits.
9-2. Application for Reinstatement. In considering an application for reinstatement, the Committee shall normally be guided by the following principles: -
a. Awaiting Reinstatement. The Professional is considered to hold an advantage over the Amateur golfer by reason of having devoted himself to the game as his profession; other persons infringing the Rules also obtain advantages not available to the Amateur golfer They do not necessarily lose such advantages merely by deciding to cease infringing the Rules. Therefore, an applicant for reinstatement to Amateur Status must undergo a period awaiting reinstatement as prescribed by the Committee. The period awaiting reinstatement starts from the date of the person’s last breach of the Rules unless the Committee decides that it starts from the date when the person’s last breach became known to the Committee.
b. Period Awaiting Reinstatement
(1) Professionalism. The period awaiting reinstatement is normally related to the period the person was in breach. However, no applicant is normally eligible for reinstatement until he has conducted himself in accordance with the rules for a period of at least one year. It is recommended that the following guidelines on periods awaiting reinstatement are applied by the Committee: -
Period of Breach Period Awaiting Reinstatement
Under 2 years 1 year
2-10 years 2 years
over 10 years 3 years
The Committee reserves the right to extend or to shorten such a period. Players of national prominence who have been in breach for mare than five years are not normally eligible for reinstatement.
(2) Other Breaches of the Rules. The period awaiting reinstatement is normally related to the seriousness of the breach, i.e. the value of the excessive prize, the amount of unauthorized expenses received, etc. however, no applicant is normally eligible for reinstatement until he has conducted himself in accordance with the Rules for period of at least two years. The Committee reserves the right to extend or shorten such a period.
(3) Second Reinstatement. The period awaiting reinstatement is normally three years irrespective of the period of breach. The committee reserves the right to extend or shorten such a period.
c. Number of Reinstatements. A person is not normally reinstated more than twice.
d. Status while Awaiting Reinstatement. During the period awaiting reinstatement an applicant for reinstatement must comply with these Rules as they apply to an Amateur golfer. He is not eligible to enter competitions as an Amateur golfer. However, he may enter competitions and win a prize solely among members of a Club of which he is a member, subject to the approval of the Club but he may not represent such club against other Clubs.
9.3 Procedure for Applications. Each application for reinstatement must be submitted to the Committee, in accordance with such procedures as may be laid down and it must include such information as the Committee may require.
9.4 Appeals Procedure. A person affected by a decision made by the Amateur Status Committee of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews in respect of reinstatement of Amateur Status, may raise an appeal of that decision with the Amateur Status Appeals Committee of the Pakistan Golf Federation. Note: Each Governing Body should put in place a procedure whereby any decision in respect of reinstatement of Amateur Status may be appealed by the person affected by such a decision.
Committee. The Committee is the appropriate Committee of the Governing Body
10.1 Committee’s Decision. The Committee’s decision is final, subject to an Appeal as provided in Rules 8-3 and 9-4.
10.2 Doubt as to Rules. If the Committee considers the case to be doubtful or not covered by the Rules, it may, prior to making its decision consult with the Amateur Status Committee of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews.
These rules do not cover decisions on the Rules of Amateur Status. Where any doubt arises concerning a proposed course of action the Amateur Status Committee of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews or the Rules Committee of the Pakistan Golf Federation should be consulted.

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