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Of late there has been a retrogressive erosion of our social values and ethos. Etiquettes, courtesies customs and norms of conduct were the pride of comity of nations. They had been evolved as a result of centuries old traditions and practices. Every aspect of life was minutely analysed before evolution of these mannerisms based on the idiosyncrasies of public at large. Victorian England was the forerunner in carving a niche for them by excelling in this art. French and Russians also followed suit. Conduct and demeanour in a society was a true reflection of good breeding, refinement and lineage. Etiquette aspects encompassed all facets of day to day life in painstakingly meticulous details. Significant ones affecting our lives which are dwindling and on the wane vis-vis technological advancements are enumerated below:-

Enfeeblement and decadence of our social ethos has attained alarming proportions. This is itself manifested in massive increase incises of lynching’s indicative of total intolerance and bigotry.I feel there is a need to get back to the basics to inculcate and instill in the mind of our youth in particular the immense significance of social ethos, mannerisms and etiquettes. I would be dealing with most of these separately.

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