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Swimming Gala 20015

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On behalf of the Pool Committee I welcome you to the Presentation Ceremony of Swimming Gala 20015 Chairman has kindly consented to be the Chief Guest. The Gala has been sponsored by NESTLE through its brand name MILO. We are grateful for their gesture in promotion of Swimming.
This event has been unique as it was staged at night under floodlights for the first time. This really added a touch of grandeur, splendor with a carnival atmosphere.

Swimming, ladies and gentlemen has always been a highly popular sport during summer season at the Gymkhana. This year a new dimension was added in the form of diving and water polo. Water polo gained immense popularity amongst all segments of members and has achieved semblance of permanence in future.

Swimming is the best form of aerobic, cardio vascular exercise. It is one sport, which starts from the age of one till 100. For the young it is ideal for development / expansion of chest, suppleness of body and for an upright posture. It infuses and instills confidence, endurance breath control and speed. Swimming is a blend of synchronization of arms / legs movement articulated by proper breathing techniques like trickle / explosive breathing. Diving and turning still continues to be appalling and a weak link, which warrants appropriate corrective actions. Diving classes are also being planed next month.

Three events in the good old days were considered a fathers responsibility. To teach their sons – fencing, riding and swimming. This had a deep imprint on character building, infusion of sportsmanship and perseverance. In the modern days the role seems to be relegated to mothers. Consequently as a result girls have fared much better vis-à-vis boys in various national and international meets. There is a need for more father-son involvement in sports like swimming. This year there was a good exhibition of exuberance and enthusiasm amongst the swimmers in all age brackets. Swimmers displayed good sportsmanship, magnanimity in victory and graciousness in defeat. Their performance was simply enthralling.

Certain developmental projects have been undertaken to improve the façade, comfort zone and fulfill technical requirements of the pool. Major stress / accentuation has been on:

Water Space Management / Lane Sharing Clockwise Swimming
Bye-laws for Pool
Safety Tips
Special Courses for Coaches / Lifeguard
CPR / First Aid Cadre
Renovation Ladies Wash Room / Tile Work
Repair / New Jacuzzi
Pool Side Parties
Pool Side Tombola
New Changing Area and lockers..
New Diving Board / New Water Polo Poles
New Deck Chairs Furniture for Swimming Pools
Critical Caveat for Utilization of Gymnasium
Repair of Filtration plant.
Renovation of Main Pool Kitchen
New Showers for Ladies Swimming Pool
Next Gala Tentatively in First Week of September

I will be failing in my duty if I don’t mention the immense contributions made by the Pool Manager and his team. Aurangzeb Chief Coach also warrants praise. They worked relentlessly day and night to ensure a conducive swimming environment for the members. Right from the filter operator, lifeguards, coaches the pool cleaner and the receptionists they are the behind the scene performers who make it happen and ensure your safety. Their job is thankless always prone to intense scrutiny, rebuke and criticism.


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